Even you can’t see the unseen world like psychics.
It’d be the same thing if you know the structure of it.

You have tried hard for your reality in this material world,
you have managed your life by yourself.
If you feel lost of your way of yourself,
it’d be the time to know about the spiritual world.

Hello everyone, and nice to meet you. I’m Flora Suoh. I’m a florist.

Is it just a coincidence that you’re reading this right now?
How did you get here?

As you think, it’s not just a coincidence that you came to my page.
There is no coincidence, only fatality in this world.
Your guides tide縁 with me. (縁: en, the fate of bonds)

What have you bothered about?
By what have you been troubled?
Since when have you been aching?

Palais Floraison supports you to bring you back to your original true self,
by telling the structure of the unseen spiritual world, which is not just entertainment.
Please put yourself at ease like reading stories.

Flora Suoh
Flora made her debut as a florist in Paris, France.
After training of flower arrangement in Japan and France, she started her own business.
Students come from all over Japan to her flower arrangements lesson called Hana-kai.
The characteristic of her flower arrangement is not only the beauty of her arrangement style but also the choice of floral material based on the energy of flowers which effect on people.

Besides a florist, her other lifework is to verbalize the unseen world and works variously from personal counselling to lecture meeting.



Essence and condition.

Hello everyone, I am Flora Suoh. I have been thinking about how people define a professional writer. I have always wanted to be it, but I have never thought of its definition. People who get paid by writing something. I...

Essence and condition.


Money Seminar

Do not think with your annual income

Hello everyone, I am Flora Suoh. I have felt depressed for about two months, but I got up on a beautiful morning today. How have you been doing? I started jogging/walking in the early morning because my child suggested it....

Do not think with your annual income



People I hate.

People I hate. Hello everyone, I am Flor...

People I hate.


【Voice 11】Law of karma.

Here is feedback from my client of psychic counselling. Thank you so much for giving me sincere advice. After the counselling, I have had chaotic days and been sick in my bed. I feel like it must be a sign of the change. The most impressive thing for me was the law of karma which Flora told me at the beginning of the session. At first, I didn’t get it, but as the counselling went on, my past lives and my life came in sync, and I realised that I took from memories and emotions whose of past- lives even for the most deep-rooted faith of my life. “It’s enough to live somebody’s faith.” I felt from the bottom of my heart. I have learnt about psychology and self-care to get back to my true self. The more I learnt, the fewer cogwheels of my past and present engage with...


【Voice 10】 I recover my confidence as a manager.

Here is feedback from my psychic counselling client. As the counselling got in-depth, my confused thoughts got relieved. I understood the current situation by knowing my past lives which effect on my life. I could see which direction I want to go while I was talking with Flora. I thought I had a lot of problems, but, once an issue was solved, the rest was also solved one after another. I could say that it was like problems themselves have just gone. As if tangled threads got untwined, I started to get back to my true self. [When you feel uneasy with something, it’s the sign that the problem gets to come to an end.] It was an important word because I thought uneasiness is the beginning of the problem. Flora gave me a new and powerful sight. I felt I was losing my confidence as a manager, but I...


【Voice 9】Powerful experience.

Here is feedback from my client. I felt drawn to your psychic counselling announce, so I applied right after I saw it. What I feel after the counselling is that I’m so refreshed and feel like my energy is ready. Before I had the counselling, I’ve been upset because I have mixed everything up with my work, family, money, health matter, dreams and parents. Furthermore, I mixed up my thoughts and my feelings, and I didn’t know where I was nor what to do. However, by talking with Flora, my tangled problems were untwined, and my thoughts got clear. I was surprised because those were impressively smoothed. Flora told me about my partner’s feeling. My partner said to me the same things repeatedly, but I didn’t understand what he wanted me to know because I didn’t have the same sensibility. However, she told me the same thing in a different...

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