【Voice 9】Powerful experience.

Here is feedback from my client.

I felt drawn to your psychic counselling announce, so I applied right after I saw it. 

What I feel after the counselling is that I’m so refreshed and feel like my energy is ready.  

Before I had the counselling, I’ve been upset because I have mixed everything up with my work, family, money, health matter, dreams and parents.

Furthermore, I mixed up my thoughts and my feelings, and I didn’t know where I was nor what to do. 

However, by talking with Flora, my tangled problems were untwined, and my thoughts got clear. I was surprised because those were impressively smoothed. 

Flora told me about my partner’s feeling. My partner said to me the same things repeatedly, but I didn’t understand what he wanted me to know because I didn’t have the same sensibility. 

However, she told me the same thing in a different way, so I understand what he wants to say to me. 

I feel everything I see is different from the way I used to see, and everything is more vivid and colourful.

I cherish my partner and his behaviour more than ever. 

Her psychic counselling brought me these fantastic changes.

Thank you so much for giving me a powerful experience!


I’m grateful as well when I can see my clients’ energy get lighter and blighter during the counselling. When my clients and I start to share things I see together, the advice gets more in-depth and more precise.

Some clients say that they don’t understand what I tell them. If you feel like that way, please read this feedback.

 “I don’t know about myself.” It’s a lie. 

Thank you for your feedback. Did you have a good day? Sweet dreams.