People I hate.

People I hate.


Hello everyone,
I am Flora Suoh.


People are worried
about human relations.

I do suffer from it too.


I answer questions from my followers
at Line Official account
every morning at 6 am.

I have responded to many of

“I hate him”
“I envy her”
type of questions.


The easiest way
to deal with these types of worries
is to wish happiness
for people who you dislike.

You might not want to accept, but
people who move your feeling so hard,
whether it is comfortable or not,
are not somebody who pass by your life.


I wish for them to be happy at once
so that they will not recall about me.

It is tiring and heavy
to keep having the feeling
of hatred or dislike.

So, I pray for their happiness.


I try not to keep in touch with them
in any forms.

I do it watchfully.


If the person has an SNS account,
then I do not follow it.

For example,
if you are Facebook friends with him or her,
blocking them is the right way
not to see.

It is crucial not only for you
but for them not to be able to see


People who you need to unfollow
or take distance
surely have strong
bond and fate with you.

That is why you must do it
because you do not care for people
who have no such En whatever you see.  


I have forsaken four people
through my life,
not to see them
and not to be seen by them.

The depth of En does not mean
that you can have good relations
with them.

I do not know where they are
or what they do now,
but I hope they are happy and alright.


Do you remember I wrote about
the energy of thoughts?

Nen means being conscious
and aware of something,
so everyone sends it.

Just a little moment of imagination?
Yes, you send it to him.


If you send Nen to them,
they give it back to you.

If you receive their Nen,
then you give it back to them.

It is not something you can stop
because we all do it unconsciously.


It sounds scary, but
you do not have to be afraid of Nen.

It is just our consciousness and thoughts. 

you can not take it back to you
or vanish it once you send it,
so it is essential not to give your Nen
to people you want to stay out.


See something beautiful.
Fill yourself with something you love.


Wish for happiness,
and not to see or to be seen.

Focus on beauty.

It is easy and effective,
so please try it.


One thing I want you to remember
is that the person
you have uncomfortable feelings
is not wrong.

They do not correspond with
who you are right now.

The condition of their energy
and yours are different.

It is simple.


I could say that
they do not set any criteria for you.

Life is a chain of moments of

so it is natural that something you liked
in the first place does not fit you anymore.


They were not all the way terrible people
or intended to hurt you.

 You surely remember that
you had so much fun
and enjoyed many things with them
when you liked them.

It is true.

They are simply people
who cannot be with you of now.


When something starts, it has the end.

It is En.

It is impossible
to be with someone forever.

The energy changes by itself
as time goes by.

It will never stay the same.


Pray for their happiness.
It is simple.

You do not have to say out loud like
“I hope she/he will be happy forever”,
but why not think of them in your heart,
just a little moment?

The radiant energy you send out
to the world makes you happier. 


Gokigenyo, bye.