【Voice 11】Law of karma.

Here is feedback from my client of psychic counselling. 

Thank you so much for giving me sincere advice. 

After the counselling, I have had chaotic days and been sick in my bed.

I feel like it must be a sign of the change.  

The most impressive thing for me was the law of karma which Flora told me at the beginning of the session.

At first, I didn’t get it, but as the counselling went on, my past lives and my life came in sync, and I realised that I took from memories and emotions whose of past- lives even for the most deep-rooted faith of my life. “It’s enough to live somebody’s faith.” I felt from the bottom of my heart.

I have learnt about psychology and self-care to get back to my true self.

The more I learnt, the fewer cogwheels of my past and present engage with each other.


I felt like I found a new wheel which meets well.

“Everything was alright.” I found an answer to myself.

I couldn’t believe that the most profound mental turmoil has just gone.

Through the session, I felt warm energy went through deep in my body.

I’m grateful to have an En with you.  Thank you so much.

I told my mother the message of my father from heaven.

We cried together. My mother’s suppressed emotions came up through her, just a little. 
We could have time as a mother and a daughter. 

People who are in heaven and who are alive on the earth, both of us have a lot of thoughts. Everything is love. I feel it now. 

Thank you so much, looking forward to talking with you again. (An executive)


Thank you so much for meeting me. 

Thank you for your feedback.