【Voice 10】 I recover my confidence as a manager.

Here is feedback from my psychic counselling client.

As the counselling got in-depth, my confused thoughts got relieved.

I understood the current situation by knowing my past lives which effect on my life.  

I could see which direction I want to go while I was talking with Flora.

I thought I had a lot of problems, but, once an issue was solved, the rest was also solved one after another. I could say that it was like problems themselves have just gone.

As if tangled threads got untwined, I started to get back to my true self.

 [When you feel uneasy with something, it’s the sign that the problem gets to come to an end.] It was an important word because I thought uneasiness is the beginning of the problem. Flora gave me a new and powerful sight.

I felt I was losing my confidence as a manager, but I dare to move ahead. The session was the turning point of my life by having lots of awareness and decision.  Thank you so much. (A director)


He has a sequel to this session. I feel sorry that I can’t tell about it, but the counselling with him gave me a direction of my work so, I write this as my expression of determination.  

Psychic counselling is about one’s life path, and life path means life itself.

So, don’t overstep the line of your current situation. Do whatever you can do in your life.

I say it to myself, and I’ll devote my life to the pursuit of my faith. I look forward to seeing you on the way of my quest. 

Have a good day.