Essence and condition.


Hello everyone,
I am Flora Suoh.


I have been thinking about
how people define
a professional writer.

I have always wanted to be it,
but I have never thought of its definition.


People who get paid
by writing something.

I do not think so.

People who live
by just only writing?

I admire them.


I am going to tell my definition
later this article.


Human nature does not change
any matter of time goes by
or how the condition pass.

Even a person
whose personality changed
because of severe experiences
or a person who became like a saint
because of amazing experiences,
their essence never changes.


In the first place,
the definition of nature.

It is the properties of things
which is absolute and essential to exist.

The flower is always flower,
all the time:
seeds spring up,
out of bloom,
and bear fruits,
and back to seeds again. 


Everything in the world
consists of energy,
so flowers are also energy.

We call flower
whose visible part of energy.

We see its changing condition
like it is blooming or out of bloom.


The essence of energy never changes.

when the condition improves,
its appearance follows it.

The flower stays being the flower,
and you stay being you.


What will happen
if you keep stuck to the surface
even though the condition of energy
has already changed?

Inevitably, things could twist.


What if
you keep selling your product
because it is marketable,
but you are tired of it?

What if
you keep being in a relationship
because you do not want to be alone,
but you do not love your partner?

You can easily imagine the result.


As for my business,
spiritual counselling and onomancy
are marketable products
which always quickly get sold out.

People buy seats for my courses
whenever I write on my blog
and open registration.

it becomes a loss
if I write blog posts to sell my products,
even I know they are profitable.  


The company is the organization
to make a profit,
so of course sales profit is crucial,
but the more important thing
is whether the contents of a business
match to the energy of the time.

In a word,
the key to running a business
is to sell products
which fit the condition of energy. 


If your interest in the product is 60 %,
but it gains 100%,
then you must make up the shortage of 40%
with your “patience.”

Because of this 40%,
or the patience,
people feel working is hard and tough,
and make them run their business difficult.


It also applies to human relations.

If you try to have connections for profit,
you will lose more than
the benefit of the association.

People who do not aim
for their happiness
(it is the strategy of life)

but aim for the sake of connections
(it should be one of the tactics
of life strategy)

cannot notice the enormous loss
or the patience they have had.


Being aware of the condition of energy
and balance with its visible appearance
is crucial.

I hope you get it.

Energy always moves and never stops.

All things in the universe keep changing. 


Our life mirrors ourselves,
including our business,
relationship etc.

Everything mirrors you.


There are no such things
as the right answer.

If people
who seem to have status or achievement
give you advice like
“you should do this!”,
“Mind your business!”

Teaching the right answer
is like giving the wrong answer.

Your answer is you,
yourself, your energy.

The key is how to make the most of it.


The answer!

My definition of a professional writer
is writing the truth
which readers naturally understand,
not how sophisticated she or he writes.


a professional writer gave me
this memorable comment:

I see you as a professional writer.”


I am so excited;
my heart is fluttering
with happiness and millions of butterflies.

I think
I will only be able to feel anything but the joy
of her words even tomorrow.


Gokigenyo, bye.

Flora Suoh.