Do not think with your annual income


Hello everyone,
I am Flora Suoh.

I have felt depressed
for about two months,
but I got up
on a beautiful morning today.

How have you been doing?


I started jogging/walking
in the early morning
because my child suggested it.

I was not too fond of any sports,
so I repeated the cycle of join and left
in a gym
but walking in the early morning
with my child
is so fun and refreshing.

For the first time in my life,
I enjoy moving my body.


“The progress has almost gone
from your body.”

The masseur said to me
when self-quarantine has lifted.

I hope the new routine
will improve my body shape.  


The reason why I have been depressive
is noticeably apparent:

[I had tried doing things
smartly and smoothly].


[Doing smart and smooth
does not make your life better.]

I always say it,
and I had tried it by myself,
how clever I am.

I got learning from it
much more than the lost,
so I take it as a good example.

I analyzed the whole process
and obtained data from it
so that I could use it for the next course
the Philosophy of Universal Energy.


As for the course,
the entry for
Elevate your Sense of Financing
has opened, and I receive applications.

The exciting things about the course
are some students earn
more than 10 million yen a year.


The percentage of people
who earn more than 10 million yen
is 7.7% for men,
and 1.2% for women in Japan.

And the number of women
who earn more than 20 million yen
is less than 10,000,
so it is less than 0%.


most Japanese people set
their financial goal
for 10 million yen annual income.

It means that
for most of the population,
life with yearly revenue
of more than 10 million yen
is entirely unfamiliar.

Despite this fact,
some of whom are familiar with that life
come to my course.

You must see it interesting.


More interestingly,
people who belong to the percentage
is a rarity,
but so many people teach about finance.

How do you see the contradiction?


You might want to read their feedback.:


I could be aware of the meaning of earning,
which I had never thought of before,
like the way Flora taught us. 

I have never learnt the essence of financing,
so “work and get a payment”
was the only way I knew about money.

Honestly, I always had financial anxiety. 


She said that
she realized how she has earned
through her life
and how she could transform herself.

She also said that
she got a precept for her life.

As you know,
people like her
tend to take action quickly,
and she has been elevating herself
just after the course.


In the meantime,
I explain the situation
by taking up annual income
for an understandable topic.

I have never taken the concept
of yearly revenue into account
for myself.

The reason is that
when you think of your finance
by your yearly salary,
then you automatically tend to feel
like “how can I manage to live with it?


What I recommend you
is to calculate by your sales.

Because sales income
is the roof of heaven,
so you do not have to limit
your financial strategy.  


You might feel that
it is just a little difference,
but it does give you a significant change.

If you do think that
it will make no difference,
that is the reason
you do not have a financial taste.  


You know that
“the more you earn,
the more you feel better”
is not entirely correct.

We all want to earn “happily.”

Be a person who can earn
the right amount of happiness. 

Both money and you
are the same energy.


Gokigenyo, bye.

Flora Suoh.