【Voice 8】80% of it was a misunderstanding.

Here is feedback from my client.

Flora’s energy healed me! 80% of my effort was wrong and misunderstanding, that was so surprising!  “If I release that 80% of my effort, I must burnout” but at the same time, I have felt so heavy and tired.

However, when I accepted that the feeling comes from my misunderstood and sulk, I noticed that I had tormented not only myself but also people I’d been sulky. 

“They might have taken care of me and understood me well enough.” I could release my effort and the feeling when I came to think like this.

It was helpful that she pointed out about the relationship with my son.

I do care for him, but sometimes I can’t be kind to him so, I have thought it over again and again. I think I have been cold to him. So, it was good to have time with Flora to look back my time with him.  

I’m grateful to have an En with her in this timing. Thank you so much.


People tend to be influenced by preconceived ideas, tend to believe something wrong as something right and never think objectively. Everyone has that tendency.  

In this case, she mixed up her family problem (which she thought) and her will to be active in society, and she has suffered from the situation. However, as we talked, her energy was lightened so, I was happy too!  

Most of my clients come to my psychic counselling when they have tried enough to face their problems happen to them so, it’s time to meet their inner side and take care of themselves.

As we live on the earth, we face various things, but there are no things we can’t overcome so, let’s live together by making the most of our characteristic. 

Have a good day! 

Gokigenyo. Bye!