【Voice 7】A soul which wants to be born. 

Here is a feedback of my counselling.

I applied your counselling just before 5 minutes to the time of the deadline.

Although I had something in my mind, I didn’t have any specific things to ask. So, I just told my current situation and waited the day of my counselling.

She kept telling me what she saw, so I was listening to “okay” or “I see”.

I laughed when she said to me “Well, there is no negative-karma which effect on your current situation.” (My client and I laughed together.)

I thought there must be something I haven’t noticed, or I have tried to avoid facing, but “No, nothing!” made me feel disappointed with myself. I wish I could have something to be bothered, lol!


Then, why did I apply? Perhaps because of “a boy.”
I feel like he has been waiting to be born, so he used the counselling to appeal to me. 

I felt the same sort of instinct some years ago. 

However, I didn’t feel the presence, so I thought it’s just my imagination.
I guess he wanted to appeal to me again, as I tried to convince myself like “I’ll have my life without a child, and it’s alight. It must be so tough to raise a child from this age.” 

I want to say to him: “Hey, then why you didn’t come a few years earlier. You know that as earlier you come, easier for me” and he wants to be born, I’ll wait for him like “bring a father I can accept.”

The counselling was just so fun. Thank you so much!


Well, there is nothing to see.  Burst into laughter together.

Sometimes the counselling is like this. You don’t have to force yourself to seek something.

Sometimes I could only see the future of clients but not the path to it, and sometimes I could see the best ways to do for their future but not the result of it. Psychic counselling is varied from person to person. All counsellings are new learning for me too. 

I want to tell one thing. 

The energy of the baby is clear to see. I have had much psychic counselling for people who want children and what I learnt from it is that the reason why they can’t abandon having children is that children don’t want to give up either.             

Of course, it is not all the cases, but if you have been struggling to have a baby, then please talk to the sky like “I don’t give up either!”. “I’ll wait for you!”. 

Even a woman who had been facing difficulty with her age, her baby didn’t give up at all. I could see it. And then, she got pregnant in the best and right timing. The timing of things is always right and precise. 

Thank you for your feedback.