【Voice 5】Could have been a trouble

I was about to cry yesterday, by knowing the bond from my past lives and the reason for troubles in this life. However, I can’t stop laughing somehow.

I have never imagined the past lives she told me, but it just made sense of me, as well as about things in this life. I can’t stop laughing. It could have been trouble in my life. 

What she tells me by psychic counselling is not just an entertainment nor guessing game, much less a story to make me feel good. She tells me what I need to know to bring myself back to the true self.

After the counselling, I felt warmth with joy, and I felt the energy sprung within me.

I cherish my life now. My family, people who live together with me, everything I see is so precious.

All past lives are on the way of the journey of the soul. We meet people who are to be together in the right moment and the perfect timing. I felt like that. 

After I slept on it, I realise that I’m blessed to be here in this country at this time.

My all true desires have made come true. Now I feel life is like a big entertainment. 

My taste of things, my intuitions, everything is a gift for me which I brought for myself. There was no burden for me at all. 

I can’t express my gratitude with words. Thank you so much. (a medical worker)


I know that you can’t be bothered when you talk to me because I know that you’re alright and you’ll be okay. 

There is undoubtedly something evil in this world. However, there is no such thing if we think of the connection of the source; we call it evil conveniently. Even it does looks evil and surely exists.  

There are only positive messages for individuals from the source. At least, I have never perceived negative messages.   

If you are not satisfied that I only tell you something useful, then please feel ease. All messages to my clients are positive. Thank you for your fantastic feedback. 


Flora Suoh