【Voice 4】Panic with no money

Counselling in June I announced in this morning is fully booked. Thank you so much. 

I’m glad that some of them are return clients. 


I had psychic counselling for more than 30 people in these three weeks, and no one just wanted to complain. All of them had a clear intention to ask for the future.

They were all bright and positive. 

 “My life suddenly started moving forward as if doors of my soul just opened.”

“Dreams are to dream, so leave it as it is. I tried, but I can’t stop myself toward it.” 

“My husband is calm and quiet. He usually doesn’t show no interest to anything but, he told me he wants to have your psychic counselling.”

These are messages from my clients. 

I’ve got a lot of messages for my psychic counselling. 

One of the most frequent view articles is about money, and this is a comment on it. 

 “ Thank you. I understand that I’ve been in a panic. 

I’ve been doing “100% out of the question.” As a result, I lost trust, and I don’t have anyone to open up. I have been taking responsibility for what I did, blaming people who I couldn’t forgive for what they did. These are all that I have done. 


I’ll change my attitude to take responsibility for the future. I feel like I’m the captain of a ship. More like a captain of a vessel of an enterprise, probably. 

Thank you so much. You wake me up.”  

 “I know how you’ve felt. Having no money just let us be into a panic.  It’s just so scary to stop. I’m so glad that you feel like that now.”It’s my honest feeling, and I can’t help sharing this message here for you.

I’ll keep writing articles precisely of your timing. Thank you for meeting me. I look showy, but I’m serious.

Gokigenyo, bye. 

Flora Suoh