【Voice 3】Laughter coming from a sense of relief.

Thank you for psychic counselling.
She gave me a piece of advice that the tendency to drive myself into a wall is what I brought from my past lives, and I should discard it in this life.
She tried to discard it from me, but I couldn’t feel it during the counselling. After 2 hours, however, I felt my stomach and head were lighter than usual. When I woke up the next morning, I felt lighter than I had never felt before which even made me laugh.
As the suffer from an obsession disappeared, I could deal with things right away which I have struggled to do.
Having no feeling of being driven by business relieved my heart. I could genuinely enjoy conversations on my business, and it let me encounter something lucky.
I was surprised how big influence a state of mind has to my emotions.
I am so surprised to her ability that she discards the thinking habit from my past lives.
Thank you so much! (An executive officer)
It’s glad to hear that you feel relieved with laughter. I do sometimes discard unnecessary things from my clients. They feel light and relieved when I do it. Please wait for next counselling announcement.
Have a good afternoon. 
Gokigenyo, bye.