Elevate Your Sense of Financing in Kyoto

Hello everyone,
I am Flora Suoh.


I will open the application form
for Elevate Your Sense of Financing
at Line Official account at 21:00.

I have taught this financial lecture
four times,
and this time will be in Kyoto.


I like this lecture
because my students get the result

I have introduced their feedback
on my blog,
so please read them via category.

It is wonderful. 


I do not think that
things about the unseen spiritual world
are not entertainment.

It's about ourselves,
I want things to be fun and beautiful.

I want to teach something entertaining
and joyful to my students.


Last night,
I posted a blog with a tune
which is composed by my student
from 6th of See the Unseen World,
and a lot of people sent me messages.

The title of the song is
“The Goddess of beautiful flowers”. 


“How amazing to express
such a beautiful way.

I can see golden energy
is fluttering around me now!

The tune gives me goose skin.”

One of my followers wrote like this
in her blog.


“No need to say about the tune
and the harmony of the melody
and Flora’s voice is exquisite.

The power of music is fantastic
as if it holds my soul tight
and fill inside of me with the love of it. ”


“I feel like the tune turns into
molecules of the light,
and flow into my body.

It has a colour,
scent and even scenery.”


“It reminds me of the impact
when I listened to La Campanella
by Fujiko Hemming.”

 “I will fill my rooms and space
with beautiful music and tunes.”


“Music is so overpowering
but beautiful and tender.

I’m impressed by the power of tunes.”


Music and tunes are also entertainment.

It makes people have fun
and change their moods.

It is relaxation and absorption.

It turns the condition of the energy
just in a moment.

It can purify your energy.


How amazing that
the condition of your energy changes
at once.

It is because the evolution of energy
means the transformation of your life.

I think that how I want to be
could be like music and arts. 


I am so happy and thankful.

It is the most heart touching thing I've got
this year so far.

I will write a blog about
how she understood me
and composed the tune later.


I was born into a rich family.

Wealth has always been there.

money had bothered me
all the time.


I had felt guilty for not working
like most people did
and perceived a lack of freedom
of having money,
which was not mine.

I was too scared to divorce
or set me free.

I had exchanged a lack of liberty
for wealth.

I knew that I could earn it if I work,
but if so,
When will I be able to stop working
like a slave?

The thought brought me to despair.


I want to be free,
but money does not let me free.

I used to think like that.

Since I was a child,
I knew that
being affluent does not always mean
being happy.

I have seen quite enough of tensions,
frictions, and unhappiness
because of wealth.

What is money?

What is wealth?  


wealth saved me not to give up
all hope of my childhood.

Wealth made me possible
to buy environment and safety.

People in the affluent world
are always generous
and never hurt me.



In the last two years,
I have met people
who had a hidden purpose,
not only a few times.

I felt like I would break down into tears
when a man of enormous success
and high status
told me something terrible.


Some people attempt to fool me out
by pretending to be misery,
let me invest in them
by faking themselves,
or take just only profit from me
by using what I have built.

I was disgusted and exhausted.

What makes people do such things,
how do you think?


You might have suffered from money
or financial matters.

The reason is that
you separate wealth from yourself.

It is the biggest reason
for economic suffering.

Money is You.

Money stands for yourself.

Money does not exist
outside of you.


You cannot deprive money,
and it is not something
to be taken off.

Since I understood it,
I have rarely had financial worries.


Having no money is not a problem.

If you do not have it,
then, work.

Being at the mercy of money
is the problem.

Seeing money as bad
lets you live your life tough.


You do not have to escape
from money.

You do not have to pretend
to understand financing.

You do not have to run away
from your life.

It is alright,
and everything will be okay. 


You will find that
the world is full of beauty and lights
when you are authentic
and genuine to yourself,
through 5 hours straight entertainment.

Let us leave something unnecessary
of you behind.

All you need to do is to aware
and realize.


You can live with beautiful people
in a comfortable place,
and remember,
you can choose it for yourself.


Gokigenyo, bye.

Flora Suoh.