What is prayer?


Hello everyone,
I am Flora Suoh.


Have you ever considered
the difference
between prayer and pressure?

For example,
your child is sick,
or people in front of you need help.

We who engage
with unseen energy work
do not think like

[I wish his ill will be better]
[I hope she will get over].

It is also the same when
I have remote purification sessions
or purify the whole energy of Japan.


How we have in our mind is like this:

“I wish that everything will be the best
for now, for him/her.”

It is simple,
and it is prayer.


“Get over”
“be better”
is pressure.

Imagine a rubber hose.

The water flows through it
if you do not do anything.

If you press it,
grip it with pressure,
then the water does not flow.


The basis of purification,
healing and prayer is
all about removing and relieving.

Not to interfere
with the way things are.

It is the best and fastest way.


Your love reaches to who you care;
you do not have to pressure them.

The simplest and the best healing
is your existence.

please pray for the best
for you and them.


Flora Suoh.