Covenant with Yamato Takeru


Hello everyone, I’m Flora Suoh.


The day before yesterday,
my body was trembling all day.

I was wondering why
and got the reason
when I went to Atsuta Jingu shrine

Here is the map of the shrine.

Hakkengu shrine on the right side
and Ichino-Misaki shrine were my destinations.



Hakkengu shrine endues wisdom,
and Ichino-Misaki shrines endue power.


I went to the main shrine,
prayed with gratitude,
and walked to the alley
next to the sanctuary.


The alley is called
“Alley of the heart.”

Here are the explanations of shrines.

Ichino-Misaki shrine is
at the bottom of this alley.

The deity of the shrine is
Aramitama of Atsuta-no-Okami
of the main shrine.

In Shintoism,
harmonious state of
holy power is called
while the state of the rough and violent state of kami
to slay evil spirits is called


From the north side of the main shrine,
there are the Shimizu-sha shrine
and its spring water
and led to the east side of Kaguraden,
sacred dance stage.  

According to an ancient tradition,
it’s believed that Atsuta-no-Okami incarnated
imperial consort Yang Guifei.

the spring water of Shimizu-sha shrine
worships for beauty.



It is the second time for me
to come to this alley.

I didn’t know the presence of it
for a long time even it’s my hometown. 


Last time I came with my friend, Miki.


She is psychic too,
so we both felt precisely the same like
“from here to there, the energy is incredible!”
“feel like the energy presses me.”

Miki said she has never met a person
with who she could synchronise
her psychic sense.


This time,
the energy was more stable
than the last time,
but I noticed the power of Aramitama
much far and faster than the previous time.


 “Oh, this is what I have been feeling.”

The reason why I was trembling
from the day before yesterday
was because of Aramitama of Atsuta-no-Okami.


Precisely, it’s not Atsuta-no-Okami but;

In Shintoism,
harmonious state of
holy power is called
while the state of the rough and violent state
of kami to slay evil spirits
is called



As I explained about Takeda Shingen
on my blog,
so you might know that Takeda Shingen
and I worship Fudo-Myo-o, Acala.


Acala threatens and preaches people
who don’t follow Buddhist teachings
or oppose Buddhism,
and aggressively remonstrates Gedo,
heathenism in the eye of Buddhism to Naido,
Buddhist teachings.

  “In Japanese esoteric Buddhism,
Acala and the rest of the five wisdom kings
are considered embodiments
of the wheel of injunction
教令輪身, kyōryō tenshin),

beings whose actions constitute
the teaching of the law
(the other embodiments teach by word,
or merely by their manifest existence).

Acala evolves into a deity
invoked in Buddhist rituals to
"frighten gods,
and destroy the strength of demons",

and he slays all ghosts and evil spirits.”
(source: Wikipedia on [Acala])


In short,
Fudo-Myo-o relieves humanity
by playing the bad guy being in a rage.

Some people who have the psychic ability
can see me fight hard.

The vision that I fight hard
to protect and relieve.

It took a long time for me
to understand that I’ve fought hard.

(I’ve been wondering why I was so aggressive
and offensive, like
“Am I badass or rebel, or what?”)  


In my past lives,

I was a king,
Aramitama and Fudo-Myo-o.  

On the contrary,
I’m just an ordinary woman in this life.

How amazing and fun it is!


Soon after I stepped into the alley,
I started to feel trembling
like the day before yesterday,
and just at the moment,

I stood the spiritual border
of the Ichino-Misaki shrine,
I felt pain in a part of my body
where has been possessed by a wraith.

I stepped out the edge of the shrine,
and the pain had gone.


A young man was shitting on a pillar
above an offering box of the shrine.

I said,
“I came here to take what I need”,
then the young man asked me like this.


 “What do you pay tribute in return?”
(he was grinning)

My mouth gave a ready answer.

“I devote myself to Tokoyo,
the spiritual world.”


For eternity.

Not only for this life of this world
but for eternity, spiritual world.

I understood
why I could see the reincarnation
of others and memories of past lives.


Dedicate me for eternity.

The guy seemed satisfied with my answer.

I could get the thing I wanted.
That means I covenanted with him.


I covenanted with Yamato Takeru!

God of the fight again!

Oh, my God!


There will be many things
I will have to cut off.

I know it clearly.

I assume that
I will not be able to do things
just with generosity
nor say indirect way
not to hurt others’ feelings anymore.

I will have to face things heartlessly,
with the power of Fudo-Myo-o,
the God of fight
who has the generosity of Dainichi-Nyorai,
Vairocana in his heart.


I wanted to eat kishimen-noodle,
but I endured it.

I’ll eat it next time,
full of gluten though.

A cock, pigeon, and sparrow.
Small to big ones.


I prayed health and prosperity
of my close people and ended the visit.

I got the energy for my work,
so I’ll try hard from now on!


Have a good day, everyone.

Gokigenyo. Bye!

Flora Suoh.