Come back here (5)


I observed Ai.

“Look at my eyes, Ai.”

When clients are possessed by something,
I see it by looking at their eyes.

 “Eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.”
The old proverb says well.

I observed her, but nothing has moved.

It was too quiet and silent.  


 “The effect of medication
might distract to see her clearly or…”

I felt the energy of her beloved dog.
He was coming back.

It meant that there were things
to be solved more.

“I must destroy its nest immediately.”


I saw her room and area,
which she usually spent her time in a hurry.

In her room,
the former owner’s thoughts and energy
were still there, so I removed them.

Next, I purified the room where Ai lives in
with the divine energy of Atsuta Jingu shrine
so that the evil spirit couldn’t come back again.


 “There is a mountain in your hometown.”

“Yes, there is.”

“It’s beautiful.
The god of the mountain is generous.
I ask him to help you.”


Gods and Goddesses don’t talk to humans

They seldom give messages
to individual beings.

However, they sometimes respond
if we human talk to them
with a sincere modest attitude.

I asked the God of the mountain,
and I finished the purification
of the room and house.


I mentioned three key factors.

First, was about the land, the extension
and the path of spirits.

The second was about her beloved dog
and a German shepherd.

 (Later, they told me about the energy
of golden retriever, not German shepherd.

I saw a golden retriever too
as I saw Ai for the first time.

the existence of it disappeared halfway,
and since then,
I could only feel the energy
of a black or dark hair dog
smaller than a golden retriever.

They guessed
“perhaps golden retriever got sick and weak,
lost weight and putrid?”

If we try to make sense of it,
we might miss the truth,
so I’ll check and see once I visit their home.)



Ai’s parents run a business.

They told me a person
who related to their company cringed to them.

His energy was so weak
like he’s not on this world anymore,
but his power at the time was so strong.  


They thought that Ai and her beloved dog
got his thoughts and energy to his family,
and that’s why her dog dies in misery
and she got sick. 


I can’t deny their opinion,
but I don’t think
only thought and energy of him
can take the dog’s life away.

 I think there must be other reasons too,
so from this point,
I visit their home and see
with psychic vision directly. 


I gave some advice to her family. 

To her father.

He has tried to brush up on his psychic ability
for years.

It could be dangerous,
so I decided to give him advice.

the moment I thought about it,
he perceived it and did it immediately.

 I felt his strong will to help his daughter.


The advice I gave to him
was to stop learning about psychic things.

“Don’t read books about psychic ability
nor search on the internet. “  

“Make enough time
to feel your sense and ability.”


When you get interested in something,
you might look for more information,
but it makes you confused.

I started to read books about the psychic
and spiritual world three years ago.

only a few books were good enough to read,
so I still don’t have enough knowledge about it.

My students are more knowledgeable than me.


I was afraid and sceptical to know
because I would use knowledge
as if I experienced it.

In other words,
I was cautious
to learn about psychic and spiritual ability.


For example, recently,
I got to know the word “chakra.”

I read books, and

“Ah! That seven colours are called chakra!
It must be useful to explain the energy
to people who has no psychic vision,
so I memorise each name of colours.”


My master said the same thing as me,
“Experience comes first, knowledge later.”


I can’t understand
almost most of the information
on books and the internet.

I think most of them are written by people
who have never experienced
or who is not psychic.

Most people
who get these pieces of knowledge
might be the same.

No wonder psychic and spiritual things
are considered
as something suspicious and unreliable. 


The most important thing is
to believe your sense and sensation.

Don’t compare your sensation to knowledge.

Don’t look for answers.

Experience it, perceive it,
and know it by your own.

It’s always right.


What you feel
and what others think is different,
and it’s alright.

These advices are not only for you
but for Ai as well.


Decide by yourself.

Don’t accept others’ opinion
just because they give it for you.

You will never miss your choice. Never.

We are always right in our ways.

You must know it.


When you are with psychics,
you get influenced by them.

It happens for anyone.

The longer you spend your time with them,
and you get affected more.

I also feel so.

Since I started to see some psychics,
I feel some sense has been growing.

(No need to say but,
only from “good” psychics)


Same as spiritual power-spots.

You’ll get power from there.

(I wouldn’t say all power-spots of the internet
are real and powerful.)


I think it’s good for her father
to see more with me,
it’s just my idea though.


We talked about each one of her family
while seeing a photo of them,
and I ended exorcism for now.

The evil spirit itself has gone from Ai’s body,
so her sickness will gradually be cured.

However, it’s not complete yet.

I’ll write about the rest process of exorcism
when I go to their home.



I know you’re excited to read coming posts!

Thank you so much for reading this serial story.
I got a lot of reviews.

The whole story is non-fiction, no editing.

I post clients ‘reviews
of my psychic counselling,
but I realise that a novel-like style
could be more fun and present.

It could be for me as records.


I felt dubious to write about it,
but I tell you.

She is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

As it is my own opinion,
you would object to me:

From a psychic view,
depression and schizophrenia are symptoms
which evil spirits obsess people.


It means that they’d be fine
and energetic after exorcism has done.

Exorcism for schizophrenia
is the first time for me,
but I have exorcised for depression,
and all of them got their energy back
in a few days.

They become sane,
and they release what they used to cling to.


It’s not that they went crazy.

They just fell deep down
where they couldn’t climb up
by themselves.

If they can’t come up by themselves,
I pull them up like

“come back here.”


By the way,
why evil spirits possess people?

It’s because they are off their guard against it.  

Of course, sometimes,
people become careless.

No one can always be cheerful
or full of energy,
and it’s essential to loosen you up. 


As I wrote advice for Ai and her father
when you:

can't make decisions by yourself

ask permission to others

can't believe in your sense,
and evil spirits have more chances
to possess you.


Knowing the spiritual world
could be the protection of yourself
and you could give permission to yourself
to live free.

To tell the honest,
I want you to believe
in the most important things
which I mentioned, but still,
I want you to decide for yourself all time.


I’d be happy if you enjoy my blog
as entertainment
or people who read my blog
get interested in spirituality.


The spiritual world is not entertainment
but the way of healing.

Besides healing,
things not so beautiful nor heart-melting
surely exist in the spiritual world,
and we psychics tare of them discreetly.  


The feeling of joy and happiness
has tremendous power,
so please live happily.

To live your life cheerfully,
live your true self.

No one can disturb your life,
and don’t let others do it to yourself.

You are born to be happy.

That’s the reason you are here in this world. 


Have a happy day.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Gokigenyo, bye.
Flora Suoh.