Come back here (4)


Ai was sitting on a sofa,
and I asked her to move to a chair
to touch her body.


I place my hands on her shoulders
and started to synchronise with her
as if I scanned her body.

When I synchronise,
I can feel the sensations
that the person feels.


I placed my hands on her shoulder
and her head.

Ai couldn’t express her emotions
on her face,
but it didn’t mean that she lost her feelings.

Deeper in herself,
she was energetic,
joyful with a smile
believed that everything will be alright.


Even she couldn’t have an ordinary life,
go to school nor hang out with her friends,
her true self was there, deep in her.


The unknown horrible voice
took her body,
and it took control of her.

She could be the age of my child,
and she has been fighting
against the fear every day.

I hugged her instinctively. 


 “You have held on very hard.”

Then Ai said to me

“Thank you.”

Her true self in her was smiling shyly.


I asked her one by one.:

Do you feel trembling inside of your body?


Did you feel that when you met me?


I assume that it stopped
when we were about to finish the meal.


You always feel pain in your upper body.



Only left side.

No, right side.

Oh really?

(We were facing each other at the meal,
so it was a reversal.)


You do feel and know
the moment you fall to the voice.

Yes, I know.

Then, call me,
shout out my name
when you are about to fall.

I promise I’ll pull you up.


As time goes by,
you’ll be able to hold on by yourself.

By then, pull this on all time.

(I handed a talisman with a spell to Ai.)


Jut when I handed it to her,
I caught to see
the voice of grey-coloured evil spirit
moved in her body.

It has already been losing
its colour and figure.

Its figure was human and beast-like,
but it has been collapsing.

How powerful the divine energy
of the Atsuta Jingu shrine was. 


The moment I entered the room,
I filled the room with the energy
of Atsuta Jingu shrine.

I wrapped there wholly
with the vibration and the energy
I felt at the alley of the heart.

The power of divine energy
weakened the thing which possessed Ai.

I felt the rest of the exorcism
would not be so difficult.


I hit her back
and took it out from her mouth.

I did it repeatedly, then
the energy of her beloved dog disappeared.

I didn’t feel his existence all the time,
but I felt the presence of him was gone.


He took it away.

Ai’s beloved dog took the evil spirit
away from her.

I explain what was happening to her,
and then I saw her
with my psychic vision again.


I saw piles of mesh in her.

Deep down below layers of it,
something was there.

I tried to peel off one by one,
but it’s too many and stiff to do it.

I decided to break layers
and take them from the gap of mesh.

I observed a black collapsing thing.


It was a nest.

Deeper down below thick piles of mesh,
the grey-coloured evil spirit had built a nest
deeper in her body.

However, it didn’t fall from the gap.   


If I left it here,
I felt the nest and mesh would return to
as it was.

the evil spirit would come back.

“What should I do?
Ah, I have sacred treasures.

Why not thrusting into it?” 


 “Excuse me, here you go!”

I pierced her back
with the sacred treasure of Atsuta Jingu shrine
to let the nest fall.

(I didn’t imagine using the treasures
like this way)

To be continued.