Myanmar Day3. Action, speech and thought make you authentic.

Myanmar Day3.
Action, speech and thought
make you authentic.


I slept at 20:00
and woke up at 4:30.

It’s so cold here.

I layered clothes to sleep.

Keeping warm
on the neck and ankle
is the key.

I’m so happy to bring a lot of things
to keep me warm.


On the schedule,
we’re going to go to see the morning market
in the morning.

 I was not interested in it,
and I wanted to keep my energy,
so we rescheduled it,
and we left at 10:00.

If I want to go there,
so I’ll come back again.


They serve porridge
for Japanese people,
and it’s delicious.

I feel warm.

Wheat flour makes the body cold,
so I prefer to ear rice.

Coriander and ginger.
It’s tasty.

Our guide ate porridge with fried bread.
It’s so Asian.


I’m embarrassed to say this,
but I’m greedy for food.

I have kept ignoring a sensation
because of my appetite.

I can feel where the energy of food
goes into my body.


For example,
porridge goes down the centre of the body
and down to the legs.

The energy smoothly goes down
and warm my body,
and the heat spread all over my body.

when I eat toasts,
the energy of it doesn’t go down
to the centre of my body.

It sticks to the surface of my body
as if it sticks around my stomach and thighs.  


It explains the same thing that
rice becomes the energy to warm up the body,
and wheat and sugar
become subcutaneous fat.

In this connection,
coffee stuck in a stomach
and doesn’t go down.

It stays there.


I know what my body needs
and doesn’t needs,
but I’m addicted to sugar,
so I have ignored the sensation
and kept eating sweets.

I’m even allergic to wheat,
but who can say no
to the combination of grain,
butter and sugar?

I decided not to ignore the sensation.
I mean it.

(It’s from my consciousness,
so I’m sceptical to keep it.)


Today is the first day
to see ethnic minorities.

We went to the village of the Akha tribe.

It was just 1-hour trekking,
but it was tough
because of the strong sunlight.


We are heading to the village.

Lettuce and aubergine.

Agriculture is the leading industry
in Myanmar.

A school is on the way to the village. 

They don’t have an education.

They live to live.

That’s also a way of life.

A raised floor type house.

We sent to a house in this village
to use a bathroom.


Yeah, it was a tough experience.

High floor houses.

Granma is weaving.


Every house,
women weave or embroider,
and they sell it
when they see tourists.

The sun is beating.

It’s just an hour,
but we’re exhausted.

Look at this clear blue sky.

It’s incredible to live here

It’s a weekday,
but no one is in school.

We had lunch at school.

It’s so delicious,
and I can eat more!
I’m so exhausted!


As we’re eating here,
children show up and coming to us.

They want us to buy accessories.

They come to us
for their dear life.

I give them
the rest of my sandwiches
--the line to get it.


They can see who is likely to buy!

I only need one of them,

so I choose this girl to get it.

Padma must look like her.

How adorable and innocent they are.


Animals are so small and skinny.

Puppies, kittens, chicks.

Dogs are also very skinny.

They don’t get afraid
nor run away from tourists.

Perhaps it’s because
there is no energy of anxiety.

The reason why
the energy of Myanmar is stable
is that there is less energy of anxiety here,


People who are in power
have ruled this world
by controlling anxiety,
religions too.

I don’t think words and action from anxiety
make people happy.

Let’s live with your love.


They’re so cute!

By the way, they eat dogs.

When there are people who eat dogs
and who don’t eat dogs,
dogs stare at people who eat dogs.



In this village, they’re not Buddhists.
They believe in animism.

Like Japanese Shintoism,
they have millions of Gods and Goddesses
inhabit in anything.


I was wondering
why there are no people in school.

We found out that
it’s the day of the harvest festival
which hold on once a year.

With a medium of the village,
villagers pray for two days.

They give gratitude to the harvest of this year
and prayer for next year.

A medium who pray for
a bumper harvest of the nation,
that was also one of my past lives.


All adults in this village are here.

They wear traditional clothes,
perhaps for the ceremony.

I took a lot of photos with them.

They’re happy to take selfies.

They’re excited about the app, Snow.




They are kind.
Villagers offer us alcohols and veggies.

Even we are just tourists
just popped in the ceremony.

Could you show your teeth?”

Yeah, I asked her.
I don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for letting me take your photos! 


It is the first time for our guide
to see the festival.

I doubt that the medium,
the guy has psychic ability.

Who knows? 


What I thought of this day
was about 身口意/ Shinkui,
Buddhism saying of
action, speech and thoughts.

To keep actions in accord with
words and thoughts.

I understand the importance of Shinkkui.

If they’re not in sync,
your life could go wrong.

You might get stressed,
or you might not be able
to do what you want.

That’s a significant loss for the world too.


To keep actions in accord with
words and thoughts.

I tend to make people laugh
because I want them happy.

But I don’t have to do it,
and I have done it enough.


I don’t have to talk a lot,
and I will only talk about
the missions of my vocation.


I don’t have to pretend
to be bad at something
— for example,
men, romance and love etc.

I’m not bad at all,
but I pretended to be not good at them
because it paid me more. 


If I get irritated when someone judges me,
then I need to say something genuinely
so that they can’t prejudice.

Even though I had cared for others
if they understood or not,
people judged me anyway.

If I try to set my words at others’ pace,
I can’t tell them what I want to say. 


Misunderstanding is inevitable.

I have people who understand me well,
so I’ll stop getting hurt
by misunderstanding.

I realise that I can choose
to get hurt or not by myself
when something happens. 


someone tried to break off relations
with me.

In my experience,
these people come to apologise later.

  Until now,
I have taken them like “Okay.”

 But I’ll change this kind of attitude too.
I’m not angry,
and I‘m not interested in this type of things

So, I don’t care about it.


Nothing happens here.
I don’t feel anything wrong.

No one gets angry,
the land, plants, nor human.

 They believe in animism”,
so I imagine there must be something evil,
but nothing is here.


My stomach is full today too.

I’m afraid my stomach will be sick
by the time we go back to Japan.


The End!