Myanmar Day2. Reincarnation of Takeda Shingen


I went to bed at 22:30 last night.

I was just about to click something,
and I woke up.

It’s 4:30 now.

I worked a bit and had breakfast.


Myanmar is so calm.
Just so peaceful.

When I see countries
with my psychic ability,
I see energies of most counties
move dynamically,
but not Myanmar.

To be precise, of course,
the energy of Myanmar
has been running,
but it moves quietly and peacefully,
like the eye of a typhoon.

It also fascinated me to come to Myanmar. 



As I saw it, it’s so calm here.

Neighbour counties I visited are
India and China,
and Myanmar is very different
from them.

Breakfast at the restaurant in a hotel. 

Japanese, western, Asian.
Everything we want!

veggies mixed steamed rice?!

No, this is Gohan,
just white rice.

It was tasty, anyway.

Miso soup, delicious!


We’re going to a local area,
so heading to the airport.

The scenery is not so different
from India. 

Even in Myanmar,
Kamakura city is welcoming for me.

And it’s appealing to me.

Fly with the symbol of the national flag.

I try to taste it anyway.


At KengTung Airport.

Worse than the airport on Hawaii Island.

Can you believe it is the airport?


Just in front of the airport

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Every restaurant is sandy.

It’s dry season now,
so everywhere is so dusty.


The place where we go
is not totally open to tourists,
so we need permission to go there.

Myanmar started to welcome tourists.

Do you know that Yangon
is not the capital anymore?

The capital of Myanmar is Naypyidaw
since 2006.


Myanmar people's view life and death.

They don’t worship people
who died in the past

nor build gravestones.
(Except celebrities)

It’s because people believe in reincarnations,
the cycle of birth, 
death and rebirth.

If there is no soul,
the don’t need to build a gravestone.

If they make it and worship,
then the soul can’t be back to the cycle.


Instead of doing it like that,
the rest of the family practice virtue
for the person who died.

For example,
they invite monks for a dinner
after three years of his death.


People can only bring virtue
to the next life.

Help people who are here on the earth
than spend money to build a soul
which already incarnated.

Practice virtue while they’re alive
for people who live.

In Myanmar, homeless people don’t die
because they can have meals
at the temple.

When I heard about it,
I agreed to it.

How practical way of thinking.


If I say what I talk about
through my psychic counselling
in a word
could be reincarnation.

Because of reincarnation,
there are souls.

Because of reincarnation,
the unseen spiritual world exists.

Because of reincarnation,
I could see past lives.

Because of the cycle of rebirth,
I could say that
your happiness is within you.


I have the memory of reincarnation
and past lives.

I can see something invisible.

I don’t believe in the unseen world.
I know it.


Your life will be alright and better.
Some might not be able to believe it.

However, it’s something to be.

People are to be happier.


What is your happiness?

Don’t you think you might have it already?

What is your happiness?

What touches your heart and soul? 


After the journey of millions of years,
you came to be born in Japan.

Most of your wishes came true.

You don’t have to worry to be killed,
and you don’t have worry to starve.

What hope do you have now? 

(One of my posts on Facebook )

What I talk about
is based on reincarnation.

There is no concept in Christianity.
No incarnation.

When you die, it’s done.


Most Japanese says that they’re atheists,
but because they have lived
with concepts of Buddhism and Shintoism,
 they do believe in reincarnation.

It is vital and special.

or most Asian’s view of life and death
is based on the concept of reincarnation.

What does it mean
for the future and humanity?

How progressive.


Popular date spots in this town
are lakes or trees.

It reminds me of the valley of Moomin.

Centred and spread from a lake,
the town developed in the basin,
so it’s cold.

Two weeks ago, it was 2℃,
so locals always wear long sleeves.


It’s over 40℃in hotter area in Myanmar.
In this area, the days are sweltering,
and the night s get extremely cold,
a down jacket is necessary.

The temperature difference is quite extreme. 


Standing statue of Buddha.

These standing statues are everywhere
around Myanmar.

It predicts that a city will be built here.

The face looks like 
the Spanish fresco restoration.


Monks do eat meat here.
What about ahimsa, nonkilling?

They are free to eat
if they don’t kill animals
by themselves.


They follow the instructions of Buddha,
so they only eat in the afternoon.


Even cats and dogs are calm
in Myanmar.

A lull in the wind.

Here is a church.

I didn’t plan to come,
but they took me here.


I felt that the Takeda clan came to Burma
with Portuguese missionary,
so Portugal and Burma had relations.

I searched about it before I came here,
but I couldn’t find anything
mentioned the relation of the Takeda clan,
Burma and Portugal.

Even though,
Padma, my guide said to me

“they are linked together”.


So, I asked a local guide.:

 “Do you know Takeda Shingen?”


Did Portuguese come to Burma?”

The first time they came
was in the 11th century.”


It means that the Portuguese had the route
to come to Burma
before Takeda Shingen was born.


So, I’ll go to Portugal in 2020.

I’m not scared of going there,
so with my daughter.

I was so afraid to come here.

It is said that
Takeda Shingen died in Mikawa province,
but I guess something had happened
in Burma.

If it’s not,
I wouldn’t feel terrified to come
to Myanmar.


I was Deodoros,
a king in Portugal in my last lives
so it must have a relation with it.

Padma wants me to go there.
That’s the reason
why she called me to come to India.

After coming to Myanmar,
I have no feeling to revisit India.


Desiderio Labyrinth.

The journey
to meet your past lives.

We can do that type of things.

We all can do that
to see the traces of your soul.

How romantic, isn’t it? 

I feel I live for this journey.


Seeing the traces of your path,
gathering pieces of your lives,
and knowing why you are born
as you here at this time.


I will talk about it in my lesson.

Knowing the unseen spiritual world
is knowing yourself.


I could feel that
the vibration of my energy
is absorbed in the calmness of this country.

Anything can be aggressive.
I become sleepy. 
The energy of something is floating.


In all countries, cats are cute.

We had a hot pot for dinner
for each of us.

Myanmar people eat deadly hot
and chilly food,
and I can’t believe they eat them!

I ate some veggies
which I can’t find in Japan.

Something I have never tasted before. 

I’m happy that I can eat veggies anyway!

Myanmar foods are very delicious
than I imagined.

I guarantee that
Japanese people will no need to worry about it.

It’s different from the Japanese one,
but rice is delicious as well.
I feel blessed.



I forgot her name.

Staying at this hotel is tough and hard.

We need to stay here for three nights.
Oh well.

 I’m thankful that I went to India before,”
I said it many times.

Day 2: thank you for reading.