Myanmar Day1. Why Myanmar?

I arrived in Yangon;
I’m in Myanmar.

It’s all a scheduled tour trip
for the two of us.

Our guide Aung,
speaks Japanese fluently,
so worry about the language barrier
is gone.


When I ask him to arrange my meal
mainly with rice and veggies,
he says,
“Thank you so much for saying it to me in advance.”

Whatever I praise about him, he says,
“I’m still learning.”

How humble he is!

We could choose lank of hotels,
so of course,
we got the best one.

I asked my bodyguard,
“do you think there is water in the hotel?”
at the airport, and he said,

Oh yes, I’m not in India now,
and it’s a hotel in Myanmar.


 Guess what he pretends to be...

Aung san says, “Smile!”

 “with my bodyguard” play ruined!

The room is upgraded, yay!


I came to Myanmar this time
because I just found an online report
of a Japanese woman who travelled
to meet ethnic minorities in Myanmar.

“Ethnic minorities…What’s that?!”
so I researched her
and sent an e-mail to her.


She lives in Japan,
but she arranges a tour trip to Myanmar,
so I asked her.

even I go anywhere by myself but somehow,
I’m afraid to go to Myanmar alone.

I decided, but should I cancel it?”
I thought it over many times.
Nope, I want to go.


The fear is just the same one
as what I had had to men.
(I don’t have the fear anymore, though)


The fear is about this—fear of being killed.


I haven’t had this type of fear,
so I felt this fear must link to my past lives.

It made me go there more.

I researched about Myanmar
and found out that
the Takeda clan and Myanmar had a connection.

That’s why it makes me fearful!


  I don’t want to go alone,
so I should find a bodyguard!”

Thinking of my friends
and I found a friend who is suitable for this.


A person who has survival skill and mind
( for what?!)

Who can have one week off

Who looks dangerous


Yeah, only you can fit these points!


What is the relation with Okada san
(my bodyguard)?

Perhaps mom friends?

We often talk like
“it’s so hard when~”
“how do you manage
to create your own time?”.


I went to a Japanese restaurant
in a hotel with my bodyguard.

Speaking of warlords,
samurai were waiting for us.

It’s just two of us in a large room.


All veggies.
Not so insta-glamourous.

Vinegared veggies
and miso-seasoned veggies were delicious.


Outside the hotel,
people had a wedding ceremony.

How was your wedding ceremony?”
“would you get married again?”
“what’s romance, what’s love?”,
“Oh, I wouldn’t say you’re not gorgeous. ”
What a fun time.


It’s the first day
and all about transportation.

Will I find traces of the Takeda clan or not?

Or will I find another reason
to come to Myanmar?

As my travel to India
was to welcome the Padma,
my new guide,
only the time will know. 


I’m going to work a bit.
Sleep well, everyone.

See you tomorrow!