Message from Takeda Shingen



 People who have a strong effect
on their past lives as Americans
tend to prefer heroic stories
which have a clear storyline and its progress.

People who have past lives as French
are obsessed with finding the value
of the human social structure
by seeing through a toxic love relationship.

People who were Japanese in past lives
observe the reality with desolation
by detaching themselves from it.

Don’t you?”

I posted on Facebook and they enjoyed it.


I don’t say it randomly.

When I think about my friends,
I grin to myself that it’s correct.

Everyone has past lives
which strongly affect your current life,
and by knowing it,
people understand themselves more.

So, knowing past experiences
is fun as entertainment too.


A person who I met recently told me
that I might have some relations
with Takeda Shingen.

I have never thought about it,
but my mother’s side family name is


So, I researched Takeda Shingen.

Shingen is a dharma name,
and his formal title is Harunobu (

My real name is Haruko(
and my mother’s name is Nobuko.
信子 though.)


That’s interesting!
And Takeda Shingen’s ancestry
is descended from the Minamoto clan.

When I read the battles of the Genpei War,
I always read as the Minamoto clan,
and the Taira clan was an enemy
in my mind.


Hachimangu shrine has also descended
from the Minamoto clan.

My younger sister had a wedding ceremony
at a Hachimangu.

It’s like choosing something for your reason
but you’re destined to select it.


He died in Mikawa province,
and I grew up there.

The capital of Mikawa province at that time
is Toyokawa city in Aichi prefecture now.

Toyokawa city is famously known
for the Toyokawa-Inari Shrine.


I’m scared of the Inari shrine.
I feel depressed and treble for fear
when I go there.
Now I understand why.

Takeda Shingen believed in Fudo Myoo,
the Buddhist god, Acalanatha.

It’s said that Fudo Myoo,
expressing extreme wrath,

is an avatar of Dainichi Nyorai,
to destroy all demons and evil spirits.

So, warlords worshipped Fudo Myoo.


I worship Fudo Myoo too.
I carry the statue of Fudo Myoo
for protection on me every day
since last January.


Last January,
I went to a shrine and saw a purple light
rising to the sky from the statue of FudoMyoo
for the first time.


the place my ex-husband’s family lives is
where Takeda Shingen fought and got as his territory.

the day of the wedding anniversary with him
is the birthday of Takeda Shingen.
I understood why he’s adopted by my family
so quickly.


I wouldn’t say that
I’m Takada Shingen’s descendants
nor he is my guide,
but getting all those signs of him,
I wouldn’t deny there is no connection with him.


I’m just about to leave to a place
where a person who has connections
with Takeda Shingen
recommends going,
to blush up my psychic ability.

At this timing,
I’ve got all those messages.

I’m looking forward to getting back
to my true self more
and blush up my ability as well. 


So, please check my ability out! 
Have a beautiful morning.