Myanmar Day 5. We are cosmopolitans.


I went to bed at 21:00
and woke up at 4:00.

How comfortable to sleep by myself.

I must separate my bedroom,
and my daughter’s
as soon as I go back to Japan.


From Keng Tung,
we drive to Tachileik
and take a domestic flight to Yangon.


Viewer discretion is advised.

If you are not a massive fun of insects,
please skip and scroll down.


A market is on the way to Tachileik.
Lots of insects to eat.

They say it tastes sweet.

Oh no! It’s too big!

I can eat small ones,
but these are too big to eat for me.
It’s cicadas.

Viewer discretion is advised: ended.


Tachileik is the border
between Myanmar and Thailand.

Maesai is the border town of Thailand.
People walk the bridge of the river
to each border town. 

Here is still in Myanmar,
but only Thai Baht is available.


We had lunch with monks.

My stomach gets sensitive to oily foods.

To the border.

There are lots of markets around the border.

Myanmar side

Thailand, over the river.

Thailand from here.

I found a Seven-eleven.

It’s troublesome
because they only accept Baht.

These places usually have a unique smell,
but there is no smell in Myanmar.
I wonder why


Coffee at a café, thanks!

Oh, I’m tired.

2days of trekking is really killing me.


Speaking of Thai,
I love this photo because
I look like a cross-dresser.

Cats kittens! Meow!



We encountered
the Akha tribe’s annual festival.

We’re so lucky.

There was a giant wheel,
and they sang and danced.
It was very lively;
I was too tired to join, though.


We’re just about to leave,
and then the flight was a delay.

Domestic flights in foreign countries

do often get delayed.

It was only 2 hours,
but it’s already night. 


Imperial family stays at this hotel
when they come to Myanmar.

They speak English,
the food is delicious,
and the staffs’ manner is outstanding.

Yangon is sophisticated.

I realised that  I can’t live somewhere
not modern nor urban.


I have experienced a lot in Asian countries.
I won’t go to India in February,
which I was thinking about going.

Travel to India in last October
made the reason to come to Myanmar.

“If I don’t go to India,
I wouldn’t go to Myanmar either.”

I thought like that.


Coming to Myanmar,
I got the answer to
why I came to Myanmar.

 I went to India to welcome Padma;
I researched the fear of Takeda Shingen
and came to Myanmar.

So, the next destination is Portugal.

We all are cosmopolitans.

We need to think globally,
not only locally.  


We must go to a place where we get an intuition.

We must see people who you get instinct.

If you ignore these signals,
you can get answers to
“what is the mission of my life?”
“what do I want to do for my life?”

What intuition do you get?
Let’s go for it.


I’m looking forward to the next lessons
and my academy.

It gets me excited!

The best freedom you can give to yourself
is to trust your sense and perception
and live with it.

I am looking forward to seeing you
who come to my next lessons.

Day 5.
The end.