How could you live your life without attacking the citadel?

Good morning from Flora Suoh.


Twenty-seven years past
from my mother’s departure.

Yesterday was her death day.

She passed away when she was 37,
and my life truly started
when I turned 38.


At the beginning of my life,
I went to India
together with the relief of liberty. 

I felt that my life said to me,
[go ahead, move forward].


That day, in the morning,
I could not stop crying.

I rebirthed,
and my life finally starts
from now on.

I can live fully in my own life,
and I can do whatever I want.


Changes and new beginnings
happen naturally,
but the day was different
and significant.


I have tried whatever
my mother might have wanted to do.

I have done everything
I could think of which might save her life.

[My mother must have wanted to do
those things,
and she must have been happy
if things were like this.]

I did everything I could do
with all my life.

As I have done like this,
something stacked with heaviness
in my heart
gradually disappeared.


From the beginning,
I knew that I would not understand
what my mother wanted to do,
and there was no need to seek
traces of her life.

I knew well that the answer was
to live my own life. 


I wanted to trace her life
because it was the right thing for me
to do at the time.


I decide what is right
and what is the truth of me
because this is my life.


All actions we take
is for having a better life,
being happy.

No one lives their life to be unhappy;
even some people might look going
wrong and backwards.

Seeing the whole energy
from the spiritual view,
it is impossible to live sick or worse.


There are many ways
seems more comfortable and faster
to be happy.

You might have thought like this:
Like him or her,
I could escape from all sufferings
easier, faster, and smoother.


what you can see and where you are now
is your reality and truth.

What you see is your truth.


Your childhood,
or past lives of your soul
do not matter for your life
at this moment.


Past belongs to you
who you used to be.

Things you face now
belong to you in the present.

There is no doubt for it.


So, focus on what is going on now.
See consciously of yourself,
not in the past but now.


Past is in the past.

Others have their lives.

Do not let anyone or anything
cross your boundaries.

Do things that belong to you.  


Who are you?

How do you describe yourself?


I assume that you are a person
who is strong,
adore beauty,
have compassion for others,
and never give up no matter of defeats. 

you play it cool with somebody’s answer
so that no one makes fun of you.

You pretend to be alright
even you do not know anything,
and you are not okay.


In the deepest place,
you know that you are healthy,
adore beauty,
have compassion for others,
and never give up no matter of defeats.

If you allow yourself to be like that,
you admit that you cannot be anything but
your true self,
the hole within you that has never fulfilled
any success or praise
will gradually disappear.  


The energy does not fill the hole within you,
and you feel lack because you try to fill it
by lying to yourself.


You keep cheating,
lying to yourself,
so the gap stays open.


You are strong,
adore beauty,
have compassion for others,
and never give up no matter of defeats.


You are strong,
and beautiful.

You are compassionate.

You never give up.

You stand up whenever you fail.

You do things,
no matter how much it takes. 


Please choose your happiness;
keep choosing happiness.

Please let you do what you want to do;
even some things are morally incorrect
or seem going backwards.

Please let you do what makes you happy
even someone in your mind whisper
[it is wrong] to you.

Please keep saying to you
[Everything is alright and right for me].


You are strong,
adore beauty,
have compassion for others,
and never give up no matter of defeats.

You are your true self.


It might take time,
and you might want to give up.

You might feel desperate or lonely,
and you might fear going back
to old sufferings.

Even though
please allow you to do what you want.

It is not easy.
But do it.


Do not let others cross your boundaries easily.

Do not cross others’ boundaries.

Respect mutual happiness for each other.

That is independence.

Keep having boundaries in your mind. 


Why do you not see your reality?

Why do you not trust your eyes?

Why do you think you are wrong
and ignore what you feel now,
what you see at this moment?

Who are you?

Whose life do you live now?


The answer is always in front of you,
in the present.

It is always there in front of you now,
not in the past,
your childhood,
nor past lives.


You turn away from the present reality,
and that is why you do not have the answer.

Looking away from your present
is the detour of your life.


So, see your reality carefully.

What do you find in it?

It is hard and tough to live your authentic self;
you need guts.

So, do what you can satisfy yourself. 


What do you fear?

What makes you stop going forward?

What are the reasons which make you think
you are a failure?

How could you live your life
without attacking the citadel?

What do you want to do?


People cannot be happy
without other humans.

When you face your life,
attack the citadel of your life,
I will be with you if you need help.

People helped me,
so now it is my turn to help you. 


I do not take responsibility for your life.
I do not take responsibility
for my daughter’s life, either.

No one can save others.

Instead of it,
I help people
so that they can protect themselves.

I will share the philosophy of energy
so that people can feel safe
and everything is alright. 


It is a beautiful morning!

Did you open the window
to get some fresh air?

Please let the air blow in your house
every morning.

Yesterday belongs to the past.

Today is here now.

I wonder where you read this article.

Are you on a commute
to a company or school?

Or you are still in your bed?


You are beautiful and brilliant today.

Have a good day.

Flora Suoh.
With love.