The power of self-approval. Not the feeling of it.

Be careful.

Nurturing the feeling of self-approval
does not make you happy.

you cannot nurture the feeling of it.

You know well that
because you have tried to do it for years.

And you still do not feel happy.

So, why not just take it aside now?


It is no problem to have low self-esteem.
What is the problem not having self-respect?

Why you are unique is because
you are who you are.

That is your attraction.


Your melancholy defines your sex appeal.

Your anxiety makes you attractive.

It is okay to be negative.

It is okay that you want to die.

people in your community are happy,
and it is no problem to envy them.

You are lovely because of who you are.


You do not have to look perfect.
It is not only your physical look.

It is boring to follow the rules
and models of happiness
which look all the same
in shape and colours.


You are who you are.

What you need to do in your life
is to approve who you are.


Keep approving yourself is
more important than nurturing
the feeling of it.

Keep talking to yourself
[I am great because of who I am],
not seeking to raise self-esteem.


It is not impossible,
and it is not sour grapes.

You do not have to force yourself
to accept who you are.


Being kind to yourself
is to keep saying to yourself
[it is okay],
instead of your mother. 

I failed the exam and broke a glass.
I told a lie.

I said terrible things to my friends
and buried them. 


And you say to yourself:
[Therefore I am].

You are great,
no matter what you do.

All things you do are always amazing.


Forget the law or the answer
and the morality of the era.

What you do is always alright—
[Therefore, I am].


You have suffered and survived
through your whole life.

Many things have happened in your life,
and all of them makes your life.

Your happiness comes from your past,
and you know it well.


You understand that
even we suffer in our lives,
our lives keep going,
and everything will be alright.


Forget the law or the answer
and the morality of the era.

What you do is always alright—
[Therefore, I am].


It is okay to want to die.

It is no problem to be poisonous parents
because you do not know
how to be good parents.

You might think like this
in your mind:

[I do not want to do it, mom.
Spoil me, mom.
I do not know generous parents.]


It is okay to be bad at something
it makes you be the professional of it.

It was okay, and it is okay.

You are a twisted person,
and that is why you are great.

You are mean, and I like it.


You have a crocked mind
and try to hide it.

I like the way you are.


You cannot stop
rehearsing and reviewing.

You always feel that
someone is blaming you.

Even you have not seen them
for so long;
you feel like they accuse you.


You cannot stop reviewing
the whole day
after when you see someone.

You review what you said,
how you behaved
and regretted what you said.

You recall every behaviour
and keep reviewing.

Every day you think about how to behave
and regret what you have done in a day.


The reason why you do not have
childhood memories
is that you lost touch with yourself.

you could not protect yourself.

You might have died
if you kept touch with yourself,
so the other-self protected from it till now. 


I must say to you.

Seldom people have experienced
as you did.

You have gone through a lot,
and that is why you are incredible. 


You cannot be anyone.
However, anyone can be like you.

You might be eccentric,
but that makes you unique.


You might feel inferior
to your physical look,
your career,
your family,
your background,
or whatever. 

You always feel the misery of yourself,
and you want to die all the time.

all these things make you adorable.

No matter how much you hate yourself,
you do not give up yourself.

Give up being like people
who have perfect happiness
because you already know
that there is a high wall
which you will never be able
to get over.


[Therefore, I am].

You are who you are.
You make yourself beautiful.


[You cannot be happy nor prosperous
unless you release it.]

[You cannot build healthy relationships
if you are like this.]


These are not true.



You do not have to pretend to be happy
nor hide your weak points.

The weakness you want to hide deadly
is the attraction for others.

Do you believe in the ideal of beauty?
I guess not. 

You are who you are,
and it makes you beautiful.


All that you do is always right,
and what you think is still correct.

What you have done is always perfect.


Forget the law or the answer
and the morality of the era.

What you do is always alright—
[Therefore, I am].


that nurturing the feeling of self-approval
does not make you happy.

What you need is
the power of self-approval.


Even you do not have it;
you are alright.

You are always brilliant. 


Have a good day.

Gokigenyo, bye.

Flora Suoh.