Fear of being killed


I had been bad at communicating with men.
Precisely, I had scared of men.

I could talk with them frankly,
but it’s a skill I learnt for myself.


I had been maltreated in my childhood,
and I had married a vicious drinker
who had morally abused me.

The fear must be from
all traumatic experiences,
so I had tried to heal myself,
but it had never gone.

It’s not fear of being scolded
nor being hit.

It’s fear of being killed.


I even scared to walk on the street.

He must come to stub me
just the moment I passed a stranger
on a road.”

A guy walking toward me
on this path
might hit me to death
if I look at his eyes.”

He and I are talking nicely,
but suddenly he turns himself
like a demon and might attack me.”

I couldn’t let those imaginations off.
The fear was real
and automatically came up in my mind.


The reason why I had had the fear
was from my past lives.

In the past,
I was a female Governor of a nation.

I rode on a horse,
went to the battlefield and fought among men.

I could imagine that
I saw frenzied faces of men
and their bloodshot eyes
a hundred times. 


Having the fear for men,
I also didn’t like being a woman
— face, body etc.

I didn’t like everything about my feminine side.

Except for school uniforms,
I had never worn skirts when I was young.

I had never worn anything pink and girly.

I had always worn pants style
with white, black or beige.

If I show my feminine side on a battlefield,
I could immediately be killed.
So, be masculine.”


because I realised the reasons
and healed myself,
now I’m a woman both inside and outside.

I don’t fear men anymore,
and I can be natural with men
even in a one-to-one situation.

I’m satisfied that I could feel happy
when men are nice to me.

I could live my life free and at ease.


From my experience,
I could say that
the things you have brought
from your past lives
are not necessarily negative.

Even if you only feel bad
and negative about it,
there is a reason for you to have it.

In my case,
because I had conscious fear
against men,
I had been protected.

I can’t write about the detail,
but I understand the reason
why it was good for me to avoid men. 


 That’s why I love to see past lives.

We can realise that
we all have forever lasting love stories.

Most people might feel suspicious
and scared of the psychic,
but it’s romantic.

I’ll tell its love and romance
by the voice of my clients’ and mine.  


If you feel something is wrong with yourself,
perhaps it’s time
to know about your love story.


I go on a business trip today,
to support my clients
in getting back to their true self.

Have a good day.

Gokigenyo, bye.