Come back here. (1)


Hello everyone, I’m Flora Suoh.

I had a face-to-face exorcism today.


I usually don’t take face-to-face session
even for psychic counselling.

However, the moment I got the request,
I felt each other’s presence should be right.


The reason is for me.

Padma, my current guide judged
that I needed to do it in this way
for my path as a psychic.


I prefer not to take face to face sessions.

I get tired to see people
who have never met before,
so I try not to take it as little as possible,
but this case is an exception. 


It was last year that I got the request.

I sensed it’s a big one,
so I was not sure if I could exorcise.

Though Padma let me take it,
so I thought it’d be alright.


The reason why I went to the Atsuta-Jingu shrine
was for this exorcism,
but I didn’t expect to covenant
with Yamato Takeru.

The only moment I thought about him
in my life
was in history class in school days.


The client agreed on writing blog posts
about the exorcism,
so I write all that I have done for it.


please do not try to mock it, never.
It is dangerous.

You might get hurt mentally and physically.

It could never be undone. 


In truth,
I was going to apologise and go back
if I sense that it’s beyond my ability
when I confront it.


I met a sweet woman.

A few years ago,
she suddenly got sick for no reason.

She has been to hospitals
and seen many psychics.


We spent together for 3 hours.

The woman told me about her life,
her family’s support,
and how she has faced it etc.
by showing photos and drawing pictures.


When I saw her,
I saw something was coming out of her.

It was not her aura.

It’s like human or animals,
something unknown,
but I did sense that it’s male. 


It was stinking
— the smell of beasts.

I felt pain deep in my noses and throat.
I was trembling.


After a while,
it noticed that I was observing it.

It stared at me with a fierce look.

I held out my hand,
and then I felt pain around my waist.
It got angry.

Anger roots in sorrow, just like a human.
Even evil spirits are not originally evil. 


I couldn’t show mercy to it
because I was on the human side.

I couldn’t overlook
how cruel it has done to her.

I started to hunt it down slowly
while I was talking with her. 


  To be continued.