Come back here (3)


After the meal,
Ai, her family and I
were back to a room of the hotel
they stayed.

We had tea and chat,
and I prepared for a psychic session.

Some psychics use tools for their sessions,
but I have never used them.

I only use my hands.


I felt it’s time to use the divine energy
of the Atsuta-Jingu shrine
and its sacred treasures,
so I laid some down and burnt incense. 

In the smoke of the incense,
I started to see the details of the case.


Their land, animals and people.
These three factors were the key
to the case.

Ai and her father had six sense,
and both felt uneasy
when they’re at their home.



Soon after I started to see their house
with my psychic vision,
I saw the laundry.

Ai said the place she was forced to go
and couldn’t move away were a toilet,
so I asked them to draw their floor map.


On the ground floor,
there were a toilet,
kitchen and laundry.

Toilet and laundry were on the west
and the east side of their house.


 “Hmm, it’s strange.
It should be closer together.”

I was feeling like this,
and then they continued to draw
first floor’s map.

Laundry on the first floor
was on the west side of the house
like a toilet on the ground floor.

Oh, yes.


There was an unseen path
width of about a few meters
crossing through the west side of their house.

It was a path of spirits.  


The entry of the path
was at the laundry side,
faced to the road,
and the exit was at the toilet side,
met in the garden.

I told them
“something is wrong here”,
and then they said to me
that those areas of a few meters
was an extension.


The person who used to live before them
built extension.

Ai’s father also felt vile energy
from the area,
so he tried many things to purify there.

However, it has not done yet. 



I asked him
why the former owner built the extension there,
but he didn’t know.

I felt the former owner buried something there.


In addition to it,
the path of spirits crosses
just in the same area made me wonder.

Not all paths of spirits are evil.
It used to be at my house before as well.

In the old days,
people believed that the path of spirits
brought success if they started business
next to it,
so they asked mediums to find it.


the path of spirits of their house
was terrible.

It’s not avoidable to encounter a path of spirits
as it comes into spontaneously.


I started to purify the energy of the house
by using the divine power of Atsuta Jingu shrine.

And then I asked them
to clear the energy of the extension
with cleaning salt which I will make later.


Their house was far from there,
so I will visit and do everything.

Next step was to see Ai herself. 

To be continued.