Come back here (2)


Let me give her tentative name,


Ai and I sit down face to face
and had a meal.

Her family,
who requested exorcism was together.

Ai and I met for the first time on that day.


She has suffered from
visual and auditory hallucination.

At one time,
she got too weak to move out of her bed.

She couldn’t sleep,
eat or have eye contact with anyone.

She was nearly dying.

The voice of the unknown
takes control of her body.

It lets her go to a specific place
and makes her not move there for hours.


While I was listening,
I tried to search it down in her body.

evil spirits try to escape when I hunt it down,
but it stays there and fights back. 

I got to know what the unknown spirit was.


It was a dog.

I felt the existence of a guy,
but a dog’s energy was stronger.

It was like a German shepherd,
a sizeable brown dog.


They showed me photos of a dog
they used to have.

It was a pretty small dog,
a cheerful and courageous dog
loved by his family.

he died almost the same time
when Ai got sick.


That small dog was not the one
I saw behind Ai,
but I felt the energy of the dog
somewhere closer to us.


I could communicate with animals,
and dogs usually don’t talk much.


Cats often talk a lot,
but dogs are just being happy,
so I can’t make up a conversation with them.


But this dog was different.

The moment my eyes met his,
his thoughts flood into me
as if a dam had broken.

I couldn’t stop crying.

“I swear to protect Ai
and take the evil spirit out of her,
so please save her.”

“I take everything away from her.
I have left here for her for it.”

His unconditional devotion to his owner
moved me to tears.


Ai knew that the energy of the dog
has been there.

After I exorcise the evil spirit,
the dog will let it away.

I worked out the plan,
but still, I needed more information.


Where does the evil spirit come from?

Do I need to care only about Ai or others too?

I checked what I needed to know
one by one.

It would be the last crucial moment
for her beloved dog.

To be continued.