Recipe for happiness

Hello everyone and a happy new year.

It is Flora Suoh.

I have got so many messages
from this morning.

I hope you have a wonderful year.

Now we are in a new year.

There were not so much of
festive atmosphere
of Christmas nor new year’s holidays,
but a new year makes me happy.

the energy of the earth is not stable
as if the power is boiling to burnt.

It is not so light, and the energy will keep
approximately ten days.

When I see the whole year of 2021
with my psychic vision,
I see there is the moment like an air pocket.

Perhaps 2021 itself is like that.
But we do not have to fear it.
It is not scary.

The energy always keeps moving.
It means the state and our fear for it
do not continue either.

We need to live for the joy
now more than ever.

Everything is connected and united.
Our peace is world peace.  

January 1st.
Did you go to shrines for praying
at the beginning of the year?

If you go from now on,
then I will give you tips for going to shrines.

When you thank the divines
and pray to the universe,
do it with your joy to the full.
I am happy.
Thank you.
I love it!

hen your wishes reach to the universe,
not only your loved ones’ wishes
but also someone’s wishes
get to the universe too.

Thoughts and feelings do not have
subjects or objects.

[I hope I will get married and be happy!]

[I want to be successful in my business
and have a joyful life!]

In these wishes,
only [being happy] and [being joyful]
reaches to the universe.

If happiness and joy come to your life,
things and events worthy for your true self
also happen one after another.

Perhaps some people might get married,
get successes on his business,
or have children.

Things you prayed might not precisely
come to your life,
but you do not complain about your life
for shortages
when happiness and joy fulfil you.

Your happiness is someone’s happiness.
Your peace is world peace.


There is no difference in the wishes
of yours or theirs.

Your happiness,
somebody’s happiness
and the world’s happiness is all the same.


[I feel bad when I compare myself to someone.
I cannot celebrate someone’s happiness]

Then, please remember.

Just like that,
your happiness is someone’s happiness;
someone’s joy is your joy as well.

You have many people
who are happy and content.
It means that it assures your joy too.


People have more than 60,000 thoughts
in their mind in a day.

What if your mind is full of
[I am happy!],
[Thank you!],
[I love you!]
every day?

What if you are always calm and content?

Thoughts and feelings come from you
make the world happy.

You make the world peace.


So! I will be super flattering this year!
Shall we, together?

Have a good day.

Gokigenyo, bye.

Flora Suoh.