Have connections to your guides, live with them.

Hello everyone, and nice to see you for who read my blog for the first time.
I’m flora, psychic counsellor, born in a psychic family and give advice on all kinds of life matters.
This is continued from it.
A guide who protect me behind my back. His name is Miroir.
A guide changes as a person grows. Miro suddenly showed up his presence 3 years ago.
It was a beautiful young long-haired woman before changed to him. It’s her in an article above.
I clearly remember the moment I felt him.  
3 years ago, I decided to learn about psychic power.
I went to learn about it from a British psychic, it was the first time to decide to see psychics.
On my way back to my home after that, I noticed she wasn’t there.  
Hm? Who is he?  
A young, tall, handsome man armoured like a Medieval knight. 
Lately, his love is like binding his arms behind my back, rather than wrapping in his arms gently. Lol. He loves me and cherishes me as such.
That’s him.
So, people, things and En etc, I can accept anything at ease what he grants for me.
I don’t have anything in my mind. I don’t plan nor work out on a strategy.
I just say what’s in my mind. I like it if I want to say so. I don’t like it when I feel so.
I don’t play any roles. I don’t have any goal or ideal of myself.
I don’t think anything. I don’t need to do so. I just accept things.
Sometimes I do think of things. It’s when I don’t want to take the blame or be a loser.
When I notice it, I stop thinking, stop doing it mostly.
However, if I don’t stop and keep following what I think, signs would show up in front of me to stop.
Not following those signs and keep thinking and is like postponing decisions to be made.
I trust Miroir from my heart. I trust him that he’ll protect me all the time.
I trust myself that everything of me is always alright.
However, I didn’t feel like this in the beginning.
Since when I felt that there are guides who are behind my back to protect me, I started to live my life consciously with them.
Then I started to see others’ guides and it let me understand that we humans, all humans without any exceptions, can’t be alone nor lonely.  
I understand that we do not achieve things just by our own ability or effort.
I understand that we exist here on the earth perfectly protected.
I understand that we are loved and blessed forever.  
Sometimes I cried because I don’t want to be apart from Miroir and I love him too much.
People who go with the times, who have big luck, who is loved by the Gods and Goddesses.
They relate to their guides deeply.
So, what you need to do is just accept all people, things, En which are tied by your guides.
That is what living the life of your true self means.
Please notice your guides behind your back, they have been watching you, protecting you.
If you accept and feel ease to your back, stop clinging to your ego, you’ll be back to your original basis, your true self, immediately.
Have connections to your guides, live with them.
Have a good day.
Gokigenyo, bye.