What could it be if it hasn’t been love?

I give counsel to my clients about love, marriage, divorce and affair.
I experienced all of them so, sometimes psychic counseling turns to a chat.
What I tell them is that not only a partner for life or a person who swear your eternal love, all people who have related with you are your soulmate, so don’t make your memories with them bad and sad just because you couldn’t love them well.
People who you love, got married, divorced, had an affair, all of them are your soulmate.
They came to be tied especially for you. They brought a move to your life.
So, it’d be wonderful if you will be grateful for everything about your experience like your breakup or on-going conflict. Because there was love for sure, and all of them have the fate of bonds with you.
I know you have a lot of things and thoughts going on, me too.
What could it be if it hasn’t been love? If this is not love, then what?  
You’re serious but you couldn’t love well. You might feel ashamed of that, but it’ll be your treasure if you can accept that everything was love, including of yourself.
If you say that you want to live in dead earnest, but you can’t feel you live fully, it’s because you only see the blight side of your life and take only for it as your seriousness.
Don’t underestimate the love lives within you.
Autumn is the season for love, I receive happy news on after another, and it makes me happy.
Have wonderful days. 
Gokigenyo, bye.