What is Beauty?

You might see him easygoing because he’s not like you. That’s because he doesn’t want to show off his efforts or patience.

You might see her arrogant because she’s different from you. But she also might be considerate for others even more than you and you just can’t see that.
Something easy to deal with for you might be impossible to be done for him. That’s because your virtue of life and his are different.
Hurdles you can easily get over might be the obstacles that is not surpassed for her.
The virtue of beauty of yours is different from them.
You open yourself and expose your vulnerability naturally but it’s hard for them.
However, not doing it is their dignity and pride.
They’re not being sulky, it’s just the way they are. They and you are simply different.
Let them hide their emotions and thoughts. That also could be compassion and sympathy of love.
Have a beautiful day.
Gokigenyo, bye.

                                      flora suoh