20 years passed since I started my blog. Why I’ve been able to keep writing it is because I want to share what I think good for us with you.
I want to share my thoughts or experiences with you like “Hey! This is really great!”.
I want to try it immediately when someone tell me “This is wonderful!” as well.
Hello everyone, and nice to see you for who visit my blog for the first time.
I’m flora, psychic counsellor, born in a psychic family and see and give advices of all kinds of life matters.
I left Tokyo early in the morning and went to a place in a mountainous region.
“How deep we go in the forest. It could really suit to my psychic training.” I was thinking all the way to the destination.
A man was waiting for me there. He was over 60, with sharp and virile look.
We talked together 5 hours straight over a lunch.
He is, if I say it shortly, a mountain ascetic. His family has exorcised and purified souls and spirits for generations.  
Because there are not so many people who I can ask an opinion for my work, I go to meet them wherever they are, even overseas if I’ve got to know them by hearsay.
Psychics field is a mixture of the brilliant and the mediocre, though I assume that any fields would be same.
Most people use their abilities for an entertainment. I have met may people who just display themselves as “God”, but the truth is their feelings of superiority to others are way boosted and they’re just obsessed by their ego and pride. That’s why it’s so important to meet people who I’ve got to know by people who I trust.
I learnt a lot today. It was amazing.
What can be said “amazing”, especially things for invisible?
It comes from my sensibility and physical sensation and if I don’t believe in them with my 500% trust, I’d die soon for sure.
It’s literally “death”. So, I trust myself in 500%. 
That was what I’ve got to learn today.
I don’t describe details of what we talked about but if I write about what I realized about my life in short, it could be “A life of travel to know what I want to know”.
I explore around the world because there are things I want to know.
I have things I want to do so I find ways to do them. How simple my life is.
The important thing for people who is worried and stressed is not to learn answers from others but to accept your own seriousness and sincerity by yourself, not by others acceptance.  
“There might be people who know answers of my question”, and so we tend to ask around for it. What I want to say is, how long will we keep doing it?  
What do you want to be said?
What makes you satisfied to be said?
Only you know the answer.
If you keep asking around, you’d need more than 100 years.
If you know the answer, nothing wouldn’t matter.
Because, then you just simply live with it and that’s all.
This trip was to re-accept to this principle of life.
So, I’ll help you and support you. I don’t stint my senses and experiences.
I keep writing and sharing what I see with my perceptions and psychic ability.
My time, money, love is not in excess, but I know the answers of my questions.
Gokigenyo, bye.

                                          flora suoh