Hello everyone, and nice to see you for who visit my blog for the first time.
I’m flora, psychic counsellor, born in a psychic family and see and give advices of all kinds of life matters to people.
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If you feel that you are often haunted by something unpleasant, for instance someone’s wicked thoughts, I recommend decorating your room with flowers.
One of the reasons why I recommend doing so is because flowers have strong purifying power.
I’ve worked as a florist and when I had flower arrangement lessons or decorated halls for events, I chose flowers which suit for my students, clients and those halls for purification.  
As you see there are beautiful flower arrangements when you go to luxury hotels or restaurants, the reason why the decorate with flowers is not just only it’s beautiful but it certainly brings some sort of difference there.
Where lots of people come and go, something not welcomed come and go as well.
Flowers purify all those things.
Imagine when you feel “it’s beautiful” to something or someone.
It’s so important that you “feel” it.  
Because all energies can only work by your perceptions.  
Imagine when you feel “it’s beautiful” to something or someone.
It’s so important that you “feel” it.  
Because all energies can only work by your perceptions.  
This is very important.
Everything of this world is created by the energy.
Humans, things, letters and words you say, bonds and connections among people, things and events happened to you, the energy creates all.
All these above are the aggregation of the energy and it only can work by humans’ perception.
If you feel beautiful to something, the energy of beauty works.
If you feel graceful to someone, the energy of grace works.
Any of bad or evil can come closer where those energy work.
That’s why it’s important to be beautiful, graceful and cheerful and that’s also same for the place you live and words you say.
We people need to be beautiful. Houses need to be clean. Don’t insult others, for the sake of yourselves.
Switch over yourself after you heal your wound, if it’s necessary, force to do it so.
It’s also for the sake of your beauty and happiness.
Don’t complain endlessly.
Don’t grieve forever for things can’t be fixed by anyone. You need to decide to let them go.  
Smile for the future. Do something fun. See and feel something beautiful.
All these are for yourselves.
It’s the certain and reasonable way to be happy that everyone can do.
Of course, it’s also important to complain or feel down temporarily when you’re in a hard time.
But when you feel you’ve done enough to get depressed, please try hard to get over yourself and be strong and beautiful with your guts to fight.
Because your guts and energy certainly bring good fortune and happiness to you.
Darkness, dirtiness, craftiness. Those evil spirits easily haunt people. Remember how to do self-defense?
Don’t see them, focus on them, be conscious of them.
Dear all my beauties.
Gokigenyo, bye
                             flora suoh