I got a brain surgery in February 2012.

It was a neurosurgical clipping of unruptured cerebral aneurysm.
Hello everyone, and nice to see you for who visit my blog for the first time.
I’m flora, psychic counsellor, born in a psychic family and see and give advices of all kinds of life matters.
A part of cerebral blood vessel was swollen out. 
I could have got a subarachnoid hemorrhage if it had ruptured.
The survival rate of subarachnoid hemorrhage is 50%, die for the very first rupture. 
Furthermore, they wouldn’t be guided for treated objects even if they come to a hospital, so many patients have aftereffects.
Clipping cerebral aneurysm to not rupture, it was what I got.
7 years before I got a surgery, I knew that I had an unruptured cerebral aneurysm, but I didn’t care.
People wonder whenever I talk about this story but to tell the truth, I’m not interested in most of things.
It could sound too cool if I say, “I believe in my decision and judgement with all my trust”, but even if my decision is wrong and I regret it, it’s totally alright.
So, I hadn’t cared at all nor gotten to periodic health checks for 7 years.
3 months before I got a surgery, I had had a sever pain deep in my right eye. 
I couldn’t do anything but crouching down when I moaned with pain and I had those severe pain a few times in 3 months.
Why you didn’t go to the hospital immediately, people said to me, but I just didn’t feel like to go. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to go to hospitals.
I decided to go to a hospital 3 months after I started to have severe pain and I found out that  
cerebral aneurysm was 5 times bigger than it was 7 years ago. 
2 weeks later, I got a surgery.
I was listening dispassionately doctor’s explanation that it’s not guaranteed to survive even I got a surgery and there was possibility to have aftereffects.
After all explanations were done and he asked me if I have any questions. I said no.
Then he asked me: “why you’re so calm about it? All patients get upset and many of them start to cry. Some of them even get depressed. Why can you stay so cool?”.
I was at a loss for the answer because my heart was simply not affected.  
As I recall now, I answered like “I’ve got that feeling of it so, I’ve been ready to face it.”
But honestly, I just didn’t bother myself about it.
The hospital was far away from my home, so I didn’t have any companions.
 I washed my clothes and towels by myself and nurses told me with simile that there has been anyone like you. I was the only person who do it for me so, I just did it.
I walked into an operation room, “hello and nice to meet you” to them, lay down on an operation table.
When my consciousness came back, half of my face swelled up and I, looked like completely different person, was howling with severe pain and nausea.
Cut open scalp, detached it off, incised cranial bones to operate brain surgery, so no wonder my face swelled up like another person.  
The most suffering thing of it was whether my heart was affected or not, I just had to deal with severe pain, nausea or whatever struck me down constantly. It was tough and hard.
Thankfully, I got recovered quickly and because of it, they tried to let me leave the hospital earlier than the schedule.    
People often say to me “You’re interested in anything. What makes your heart move?”
I haven’t really thought about it but perhaps I am. So, I wrote this article.
“Usually, when people are told like “need of a brain surgery”, they would react like …”
“Normally, on that kind of situation, people might act like …”
“It is your body, your own life!”
Just because it’s natural and common to feel certain ways for most of them doesn’t make me feel the same nor get interested in things.  
I’m not interested in your success, your look, your current situation, or you’re at the bottom of your life.
If I get interested in you, then I’ll follow you to get to know you better. This is how I am.
I am just very bad at reacting and dealing with things one after another.
I’ve lived with things and people I’ve only been interested with.
Getting an interest with my heart has always been leading my life like a compass. And it’s always right.  
Being right to your heart is different from being successful. You might lose or suffer but still it’s right choice.
Things you get interested in. It’s a signal from your soul.
Things your heart is moved, things you love with no reasons.
I know that we can live only with them so, I won’t be bothered by things don’t touch my heart.
Things you love with no reasons.
People you love with no reasons.
Live only with them.
Otherwise your heart would dry out to the death.
And be truly yourself. Don’t hide anything from yourself or lie to yourself so that you can be completely free and open to others.
Live your own life means being authentic yourself.
The energy to hide or lie is much bigger than you think and notice.
If the energy meant to be authentic yourself is used for hiding and lying to yourself, you can’t follow the path to be it.  
People might say whatever they want, or people might misunderstand you and it’s alright.
It’s alright to be different and unusual.
Be with your sense, embrace what your heart feels.
I only live with what I really love and desire.
It’s my determination to live with only what my heart is touched.
This is my life policy.
Gokigenyo, bye.
                               flora suoh