The evil spirits exist. Surely exist.
There is no bad, devils nor evil spirits, because I’ve never seen them.
I used to say like that but, no. There are plenty much of them.
I say devils and evil spirits exist and they’re bad because they are harmful for us, but they have their own excuses for existence. However, I’m humans’ side so I must defeat them in the best way.  
Not like welcoming good things, I must be careful to deal with the bad things because I cannot conquer them which have psychic abilities more than me.
That conquest means physical defeat. Physically and mentally, I could go insane.
So, I immediately escape from them once I judge that it’s impossible to defeat them.
I never ever cross my limit of my ability.
If you feel that you are often haunted by something unpleasant, for instance someone’s wicked thoughts, I recommend decorating your room with natural flowers.
One of the reasons why I recommend doing so is because flowers have strong purifying power.
I’ve worked as a florist and when I had flower arrangement lessons or decorated halls for events, I chose flowers which suit for my students, clients and those halls for purification.  
As you see there are beautiful flower arrangements when you go to luxury hotels or restaurants, the reason why the decorate with flowers is not just only it’s beautiful but it certainly brings some sort of difference there.
Where lots of people come and go, something not welcomed come and go as well.
Flowers purify all those things.
Imagine when you feel “it’s beautiful” to something or someone.
It’s so important that you “feel” it. Because all energies can only work by your perceptions.  
The easiest self-defense from something bad is not to see them.
You wouldn’t see people who you feel uncomfortable with or dislike, wouldn’t hang out neither.
That’s same with it.
Ah I don’t like it. It could be hazardous. If you feel so, don’t see them.
Don’t be conscious of it. Consider it as if it doesn’t exist and just let it go.  
This is the easiest and the most important thing.
We mustn’t go to all troubles.  
There are people whose role are for it so just let them do it.
There are bad, devils and evil spirits. Don’t be conscious of them.
Be conscious of and see only you love, only you feel beautiful.
Dear all who live in the beautiful world.
Gokigenyo, bye.
                                     flora suoh