Psychic counseling and its beginning.


As I’ve been sharing my thoughts through my blog posts, I’m going to write about the beginning of being psychic counsellor as well before I post my biography.

I hope it’ll be the best way to introduce myself to you. 


Hello everyone, I’m Flora. 

It was after I turned to 30 that I recalled my psychic power back. (June 2019, 37 years old)

The very beginning of it was when suddenly golden powder started to spangle around me after I had a brain surgery.

It happened just after the surgery, so I got a check if it’s an aftereffect of it. Nothing was found. So, I got a check at an ophthalmology. Nothing neither.


I was not originally so interested in psychic or spiritual things.

I could bring some episodes of psychic ability back for instance; I could see layout and interiors of my friends’ houses while we’re talking together when I was a high school girl or I saw something looked like humans at the beach or saw friend’s lost brother next to her when I studied at university and so on.

I could bring more but all experiences happened when I was so young, in my teenage.

I thought the reason why I had those experiences because I had wished for special abilities (teenager thing, wanting to be edgy) or I had been affected by comic books and movies.


However, after I started to see spangling golden powder shower, I could see more and more, and those memories and abilities had come back more.

At the time when I had a brain surgery, I already had my daughter. She said to me that she could also see something materially invisible.

Despite I didn’t tell her anything about chakra, color nor positions, she could see chakra as round balls. She said to me that she could see all colors of chakra on me. 


Finally, and suddenly, I recalled the memory of my mother back. She was like us.

I remembered that she took me to her master to lock my ability before I entered elementary school. I assume that she considered it’s better for me to have an ordinal life. 

My mother passed away when I was an elementary school girl, so I had never talked about the ability with her. My ability had been locked until after I turned to 30s.


Day by day, I could see more, hear more and feel more but at first, I was highly doubtful about it.

Because I couldn’t understand what I was seeing, and I just had nothing but to accept what I was hearing.

I had been wondering if I could understand them and know the reason someday.


As days went by, inspiration and intuition gradually let me remember many things.

Once I noticed that everything seemed to make sense to me of all about recalling, what I had been seeing and all things had happened to me, I felt certain for my ability.

People started to be aware of my ability and the world I see, and I have had chances and opportunities to meet senior psychics who has taught many things for me.


Although I was half in doubt in the beginning, I started to work as a counselor, “a person who listen to people by using her quick and sharp perception”.

All of those led to this point that I offer online application for psychic counseling.


To be who I am right this moment, there was a major turning point of my life.

To be honest, I thought everything about psychic was just an entertainment no matter how I saw, listened and felt.

Your aura is this color”, “Your past life was that”


That’s my honest feeling. Not productive at all, just a quiz and answer.

What a trivial thing.


However, all my attitudes and values towards everything about psychic ability and its world wholly turned over when I talked with a person.


I was talking about my mother.

She has never answered to me even I talked to her thousands of times after her passage.

Mom, I’m sorry that I couldn’t be aware of you at that time.

Mom, I’m sorry that I let you die.

Mom, what are you doing now?

Mom, did you love me?

Mom, were you happy to be with me?

No matter how many times over, she has never answered.



The moment I was talking with the person, I clearly intuitionally understood why she has never answered and what she had been feeling. It was surely my mother.

25 years of my life after her passage were forgiven all at once.

That was what I exactly felt at the point.

I just couldn’t stop crying and kept crying.


Then I understood.

Psychic counseling is certainly not just an entertainment,

Psychic counseling is life matters. There must be people who is to be saved by it.

I asked the person to be my master soon after I had the overwhelming liberation.

She gladly said yes and now she is my only master of psychic.


My master always tells me the same things.

We only support what clients need for now.

We only help to set clients current situation back to their basis and origin.

It is not that “we” do something for them.

We must feel and connect to our unbendable core all the time.


I keep her teachings in my heart whenever before I see my clients.

Because I want to let my own wish for my clients to “be better” away from my perception.

I’m still young and unripe to guide people’s lives.

If we think about longer and higher term of view, what I think “better” would be just shortsighted and superficial.

That’s why I focus on set this moment back to the origin.

I try to only focus on it when I see my clients.


That’s all for today, about the trigger of my psychic counseling,


Sweet dreams, everyone.

Gokigenyo, bye

flora suoh