“I don’t know about myself.” It’s a lie. 

Like my clients have my psychic counselling, I take the advice of psychics who I trust.

I have three seniors of psychic and today I called with one of them.

I got remote healing to remove pain, and then we talked about love, marriage, work etc. 

Every time we talk, she says to me this:[I know you want to confirm what you see of yourself, even you see all, and you know it well.] 

[I can see what’s the best for other people but not for myself.]

I guess you have heard like this before. Well, it’s a big lie.

Everyone knows about themselves quite well. However, we all pretend not to know. I do it too.

Love, marriage, work etc. Everything she saw and what I saw was, of course, the same.

[You have everything you need, so trust yourself.] She told me at the end of our talk.

My psychic ability has rapidly improved since the end of last year.

I’m in a hurry. To be exact, I’ve been rushed like “it’s not enough. Hurry up, Flora!”

The speed of the moment when I see is like the speed of the light. It’s so fast. I know it’s contradictive that I’m in a hurry and frustrating the pace at the same time. Anyway, I’ll increase the accuracy of my ability.

Speaking of the speed, I got happy news of my counselling. It’s from my friend.

“You had experienced like this in your past lives. It’s good for you to go for this direction in this life. Everything will go well.”
“Within a few months, you’ll be invited from people of that direction. When you get it, please take it” I said to him three days ago. 

Surprisingly, he got an invitation yesterday. 

He is discreet and passive, so I told him to do something a little bit different. 

Do something just a little bit, step by step.

I told him many times, and he said: “well, yeah…”. And I told him again and again. In the end, we both started to laugh. (He also said to me: “Hey, can’t you make a change with your power for me?”)

However, when it came, he took it quickly! Well done! 

As I wrote in my article before, it’s all about your action.

If you make a move, you’ll get the result.

“I applied your psychic counselling because I believe in the spiritual world but, it’s scary that what you said came true.”

Well, I told you that I could see, and this is my lifework.

I’m grateful that he, with his passive nature, could make a move with no doubt.

I’m so happy. The energy of my friend is so light and blight! 

Oh, I’m pleased and excited! Halleluiah! 

We know ourselves well. We want to pretend not knowing, don’t we?

I know the feeling. If so, please ask other psychics or me about yourself. 

Sweet dreams. Gokigenyo, bye.