Never compromise, no matter what.

This world consists of the materialization of energy.

I see the world like this.

People, things, words, letters, numbers, events, chances, lucks and opportunities, everything.


Now you’re reading my blog, it means you’re bonded with my words.

For people who come to my psychic counseling, now is the time to bring yourself back to your original basis.


You might have heard that people said like “I am summoned to a shrine, holy area or certain place”, it’s same thing.

The energy of /En, fate of bonds moved at that time and you felt it.


Without exception, all things happen to you have meanings.

There are thousands, millions, billions of meanings in front of us, meanings far beyond our understandings.


We can perceive and feel only a little of them, a few of them.

So, please take it seriously and cherish what you perceive and feel.


For instance, a thing you really don’t want to do.

If you compromise and endure it, you’ll get what you want, but you must do it even you do hate to do. 

Then, let’s just not compromise.


Please look after your feeling of “I do not want to do it” first.

If you compromise and suppress yourself to get what you want, it’ll turn to be a thing you don’t want, and you won’t pay attention to it at all.


When you perceive and feel “I want it no matter what”, then please only focus on it.


Never compromise, no matter what.

Give yourself what you really want, no matter what.

Give yourself the best, not better.


Taking care of each perception and feeling creates the best version of your life.

In other words, go with the flow and live with the energy.


You can choose anything you want, what you choose is the best for you in that moment.

However, never compromise, no matter what.

One day you might get hurt but even though, please give yourself what you really want, no matter what. 

Because that is the only way to create your own life that you’ll be satisfied by yourself wholly.


No one knows what you really want, only you can perceive and feel it.

Please be aware of it and cherish it.

                                             flora suoh