How to rid yourself of your trouble.


When I decided to go to Paris to work as a florist, I didn’t have enough money.

I managed to go by scratching up some money and selling my belongings.


I didn’t have any assurances nor securities, so my bank account was around 400,000yen after I came back to Japan. I must mention that I have a daughter to take care of.


However, saving or lowering the quality of my life was not choice for me. I didn’t want to do it.

So, I sorted out all what I had and worked out plans immediately.

“Where is the bypath to get away?”


What I found out was the most straightforward solution was the easiest and the least to be suffered.
“The easiest solution” doesn’t mean comfortable but it’s much easier and more reliable than a plan made by a person who came back with 400,000yen left in her account. 


What I did first was to borrow money.

Having people who lent me money was my fortune.


And I started to work normally.

I didn’t try to resolve instantly. I just worked in the society, just as many people do.


Now, I have no financial worries in my life and a huge sum of money come and go in my life which I could have never imagined at that time.

There is a reason why I could become like this just in a few years.    


It’s because I didn’t get upset.

When you get upset, you’re likely thrown into a panic.

And you’re in a panic, you surely get wrong directions.


You might have seen people who fell into debt to go to a seminar or consultation.

It is 100% out of a question.

First, be calm.


You’ll never find a bypath if you’re in panic. You might think that you found a way to get away from there, but I guarantee that you’ll fall again. You have tried and failed repeatedly, haven’t you? 


So, please don’t get upset, be calm.

Chose carefully who to ask for a help and advice.

Listen to people who truly care for you and let them help you.

It’s okay and will be alright, nothing is too late.

You have responsibility for your future but not who you were in the past.


Let’s get out of from there now.

Not only from financial trouble but all worries you take on.

You can still make it. Nothing is too late.


Sometimes my psychic counseling topics are like this.

Let’s bring yourself back to your original basis.

Please don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.


It’s so hot and humid by the way.

Wish your health and happiness.


Gokigenyo, bye.

                        flora suoh