【Voice 1】Step by step.

This morning I went to see Flora, flower artist, to have her lesson, which is not a flower arrangement. She is my flower arrangement teacher. The other face of her was beautiful too!  
I’m not a psychic.
I can believe that there are people who can see the world which I can’t see.
I was laughing, crying for joy. I could receive what she told me.
“Why is it?” changed to “That’s why!”. It was a great time for me.
Unconventional life, intense attraction, fashion creator, production, educator, children, Finland, Hungary.
I was surprised when she told me about a fashion designer Hanae Mori.  
A memory in Paris 20 years ago made sense to me about it.
I’m digesting her words to enjoy my life.
By the way, Flora is beautiful!
Places, people etc. I’ll keep them in my mind because I feel they’ll show up in my life.
On the way back home, I was so excited that I have a world I can enjoy more.
From now on, I’m going to enjoy my work, live my own life with my favourite things and people and make the best out of it.
There will only be excitement and joy in my life! It was a good day.
Please keep in touch, Flora. I’ll give it my all!
She is a model and stylist who comes to my flower arrangement lesson many times.
She is so beautiful.
Whenever she comes to my lesson, she teaches me new beauty methods or health trends. (Actually, I try to ask her)
Her presence gradually made a positive impact on me.
I look forward to seeing you, as well.
I’ll make you proud of me! 
Have a good day, everyone.
 Gokygenyo, bye.